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George J. Becker A Pair of Copybooks belonging to Susan Y. Shoemaker, circa 1850 . Uriah Hunt & Son.Philadelphia, PA.1842
George J. Becker A Pair of Copybooks belonging to Susan Y. Shoemaker, circa 1850 . Uriah Hunt & Son.Philadelphia, PA.1842

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A pair of copybooks originally belonging to a young girl named Susan Shoemaker who most likely lived in or around Philadelphia, PA (Walnut Grove) in the 1850s. The titles of the copybooks are: 'The American System of Penmanship in Three Parts: Ten Numbers, No. 9' (OCLC 4, Dec 2019) published by Uriah Hunt & Son in Philadelphia, PA in 1842, with the penmanship system itself by George J. Becker and 'Leary's Cheap Book Store Copybook' (OCLC 0, Dec 2019) published by Leary's Cheap Book Store in Philadelphia, PA, with no date. Each page of both books features a new sentence, the majority of which are quite lengthy and have a moral undertone. Some of the phrases are: "The activity of genius is unlimited and the measure of its effects depends entirely upon a steady exertion of its powers", "Never give out while there is hope; but hope not beyond reason; for that shows more desire than judgment", "A man can hardly do a greater service to his neighbor than to instruct and encourage him in the performance of his duties" and "Sins are like circles in the water, when a stone is thrown into it, one produces another. When anger was in Cain's heart, murder was not far off. P. Henry." The front cover of "The American System of Penmanship" features an engraving of man and a woman seated opposite at a table, writing with a quill. The back of the book features instructions on penmanship and a description of the series. Dark brown wrappers. String binding. Measure 8 1/4" x 6 1/2" The front cover of 'Leary's Cheap Book Store Copybook' features an engraving of the street front and store where the notebook was sold - Leary's Cheap Book Store, No. 158 North Second Street. Beneath the engraving is printed "Where are kept constantly on hand, and for sale, over 100,000 volumes of New, Old, and Scarce Books in every Department of Literature, wholesale and retail. All the latest Editions of School Books. Latin, Greek, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, and German Books." Additionally there is a decorative floral border. The back cover of the notebook is information on books sold by the author James Brown who wrote several books on grammar and the English language, that were printed by Leary's Cheap Book Store. The interior cover page has an engraving of the capital building. Tan wrappers. String binding.  Measures 7 3/4" x 6 1/4"..