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New Year's Piano Advertisement and Puzzle Competition. C. H. Lichty.Reading, PA.1895
 New Year's Piano Advertisement and Puzzle Competition. C. H. Lichty.Reading, PA.1895

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A single fold New Year's flyer by C. H. Lichty who was a musical instrument dealer in Reading, PA. Lichty was mainly a dealer in pianos and as such the two main adverts are directed towards women. The first one, while not directly referencing women in the text of the advert, does so by the illustration (a female angel holding a Wegman piano under one arm and reaching for a harp with the other) and the feminine adjectives used. Such as "a harp for weeping... the purity of the tones". The second advertisement in this flyer directly attempts to sell to women with the title "Music's Charms are Her's", and states "Thus even homeliness (sp) acquires the power of irresistible beauty when incarnated in the person of a brilliant organist. Her play commands homage." Accompanying this text is an illustration of a woman playing the piano surround by men (some on their knees) applauding her skill. Also in this flyer is a poem for a "New Years Greeting" and on the front is an engraving of C. H. Lichty himself. Also included is an insert for a puzzle competition Lichty was offering. On one side is a world puzzle for the customer to solve where they needed to find the six celebrated musical masters hidden in the puzzle. On the other side was the instruction for the competition, and a list of prizes - first prize was a Keystone State Guitar worth $15. Measures 8" x 6" (folded), 12" x 6" (unfolded). Insert measures 6 3/4" x 4 3/4". Charles H Lichty was born on July 1, 1856 to David Lichty (1827-1898) and Elizabeth Bearce Lichty (1838-1869) in Dryville, PA. He married Clara Louisa Herr (1859-1934) in 1877, and had five children together: Herbert Lichty (1878-?), Luther Lichty (1879-1963), Arthur C Lichty (1884-?), Vera Lichty (1890-?) and Bryon Lichty (1892-1969). Charles and his family lived in Reading, PA, where he sold various musical instruments, but mainly pianos. He died on July 9, 1918 in Berks County, PA.