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A Collection of Nine Emblems of Fraternal Symbols
A Collection of Nine Emblems of Fraternal Symbols

Price: $325.00

Product Code: 27003119

A collection of nine (9) circular emblems of fraternal symbols. The exact fraternal or secret society these emblems belong to is unknown, but the majority of the symbols are Masonic in design. The base for the emblems are made from fabric with medal symbols attached. They have a red velvet center with a blue fringe design and are 4 3/4" in diameter. The backs of the emblems have two small metal rings on them, suggesting that they were designed to be hung. The symbols include a pair of crossed swords, a pair of crossed keys, a pair of crossed spears, a pair of crossed gavels, a pair of crossed arrows (or quills), a single arrow (or quill), the all seeing eye, a stylized collar with a red stone, and a chalice with the letters LPF. As those letters do not match an abbreviation for any known society, they are assumed to be the initials of a member. Again while the exact society these belong to is unknown, here are some societies that are known to use similar symbols: Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Freemasons, Quill and Dagger, and Order of Solomon's Temple (aka the Knights Templar).