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Typothetae Dinner Guest Log. Edward H. Stuart.Pittsburgh, PA.7661
 Typothetae Dinner Guest Log. Edward H. Stuart.Pittsburgh, PA.7661

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A tongue-in-cheek guest log for a 'Typothetae Dinner' at the Chatham Tavern in Pittsburgh, PA. The dinner was a "Ye Gathering of ye Kindred Spirits to pay homage to a fellow craftsman, Frederick [sic] W. Goudy, at ye Typothetae Dinner". Goudy (1865-1947) was an American printer, artist and type designer. Some of his more well known font creations are Copperplate Gothic, Goudy Old Style, and Kennerley. Along with the "shade of Harry Lawrence Gage", there were were thirteen others who signed their name on the card, and as the word 'Typothetae' infers, the dinner was attended by a variety of men in the printing business. At the end of this description there is a list of the men that were able to be identified, along with their place of work. At the end of the list, there is a bit a humor, as it states "and others too respectable to mention". Under this is information on the printer, who was also one of the attendees, Edward H. Stuart. It states that it was printed "with loving care and thoughtful kindness... set in Kennerly [sic] [a Goudy Creation] of course." There are oddly two spelling mistakes on this item. The first of which is Goudy's name, as it spelled Frederic not Frederick, and the second is the name of the font used by Stuart, it is Kennerley not Kennerly. Lastly, of possible note, this dinner took place at a Tavern almost a year after prohibition started, and this might be the reason no record of the tavern itself existing was found. Single page, double sided. Measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" List of names: Arthur C. Gruver, works for MacGregor Cutler Printing Company  in Pittsburgh, PA George W. Kinnard & Edwin H. Stuart, Owners of a Typographic Service in Pittsburgh, PA Vic Young, Manager of Globe-Wernicke Co. a print shop Edwin H. Stuart, Printer & Designer in Pittsburgh, PA John Hoyle, Director of Printing in the Printing Department of Carnegie Institute of Technology.