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F. J. Strittmatter F. J. Strittmatter's & Wife, An Advertising Booklet for A Series of Apiary Houses --Honey Harvesting. F. J. Strittmatter Co. Inc. .Bradley Junction, PA.[1915]
F. J. Strittmatter F. J. Strittmatter's & Wife, An Advertising Booklet for A Series of Apiary Houses --Honey Harvesting. F. J. Strittmatter Co. Inc. .Bradley Junction, PA.[1915]

Price: $150.00

Product Code: 20200506

A advertising booklet for a family run bee farm in Bradley Junction, PA. What is unique about this item, is the fact that Frank Strittmatter (1880-1969) acknowledged his wife, Matilda M. Sharbaugh Strittmatter (1881-1930), as his business partner within this booklet. This was unusual for the times, because while numerous wives have no don't helped in their husband's business ventures, their contribution was normally not mention in any advertising. Strittmatter's wife, however was an equal partner in the business, which is made clear from the start. On the front cover of the booklet, rather than a title, simply has a photograph of the husband and wife team and the caption, "F. J. Strittmatter & Wife with a swarm of bees on bare arm, Originators of the Present Business". Additionally, throughout the booklet, Strittmatter makes clear that this business is a venture between him and his wife: "this is our home 'House Apiary' with our garage in the basement... our four children, all of whom have been given honey almost everyday of their lives... we are loves of flowers... we also raise nearly all kinds of garden plants for sale in season... we deliver large quantities out every season... we now have several apiaries... remember we are specialists in the business."  The booklet provides a history of their bee farm, their expansions over the years, and the medicinal benefits of honey. It contains seven (7) printed black and white photographs (including the one on the cover) of the farm and their family. There are also two (2)black and white illustrations, one of the 'honey-extractor' machine,  and the other of their logo. In addition to honey, the family farm also was a plant nursery. The company itself was started in 1902, and the husband and wife team worked together up until Matilda's death in 1930. Afterward the business was renamed at one point to Strittmatter Honey and Plant Company, and there are advertisements for company in newspapers through the early 1940s. In is unclear exactly when the company went out of business, however by October 1947 there are notices of sale of the business property. 12 pg., including printed covers. Staple binding. OCLC 0 (August 2020). Measures 6" x 3 1/2". . Francis "Frank" Joseph Strittmatter was born on October 3 1880 to Demetrius Augustine Strittmatter (1833-1916) and Margaret Zern (1837-1923) in Cambria Co., PA. He had nine siblings: Cornelius Andrew Strittmatter (1863-1883), Sylvester Strittmatter (1865-1883), Alexander Strittmatter (1867-1939), Philomena T. Strittmatter Scanlan (1869-1948), Simon Strittmatter (1870-1956), Thomas Strittmatter (1872-1872), Boniface Strittmatter (1873-1961), Lucy F. Strittmatter Tomlinson (1875-1931), and Mary M. Strittmatter (1877-1895). He married Matilda "Tillie" M. Sharbaugh (1881-1930) on May 23, 1905 in Carroltown, PA, and had eight children: Gilbert Strittmatter (1909-?), Mary Margaret Strittmatter-Devincent (1910-1987), Xavier F. Strittmatter (1913-1986), Charles A. Strittmatter (1914-1988), Genevieve Strittmatter (1916-?), Walter Irvin Strittmatter (1917-2000), Rita Strittmatter Godet (1919-?) and Basil Strittmatter (1920-2015). Together Frank and his wife Matilda ran a bee farm in Bradley Junction, PA. After her death in 1930, due to tuberculosis, he continued the business by himself for many years. On August 18, 1962 he married again, a women by the name of Matilda Amelia Hecker-Murphy (1879-?). Newspapers at the time state that it was his third marriage, though no record of a third wife, besides this article,  has been found. He died on January 16, 1969 in Lakemore, OH.