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The Good Girl. Ansel Phelps.Greenfield, MA.1846
 The Good Girl. Ansel Phelps.Greenfield, MA.1846

Price: $100.00

Product Code: 20128792

A chap book which seeks to teach young girls what it means to be good. It provides general instructions, such as the fact that a "good girl always minds what her father and mother say to her; and takes pains to learn whatever they are so kind as to teach her..." to more specific instructions such as "when she sews, she does not take long stitches, nor pucker her work; but does it very neatly, just as her mother tells her to do." The book makes very clear what is to be expected of a young girl in that time, both in what they are expected to learn and how they are expected to act. For example a girl must: obey her mother and father, apologize after she makes a mistake, never be wasteful, be industrious, takes cares of animals (both pets and farm animals), and never be obstinate. As for education, she must know how to read, geography, spelling, mathematics, sewing, cooking, ironing, and gardening. The chap book ends with a poem entitled "Pleasures of Walking in the Fields", which is a poems that waxes on about the wonder of nature and praising the Lord for it. There are sixteen (16) black and white illustrations throughout.. At times the images don't corresponded with the text at all, for example there is an image of a bee, while the text to telling young girl how she can sew. The front cover has a decorative filigree border, with a small black and white image of a bird on a branch. The back cover has a larger black and white image of an angel in the clouds holding a large quill next to an open bible which is radiating light. Right after the title page there is a page with the alphabet printed, both in regular print and italic, with capitals and non capital letters. 18 numbered pages, brown printed wrappers. Thread binding. OCLC 4 (July 2020). Note: In comparing this chap book to other chap books printed by the publisher, the publisher appears to have made a choice to count the front cover in the printed page count. Some OCLC records of other chap books by this publisher refer to this a printing error, rather than what appears to be a deliberate choice. Very faded inscription on title page. Measures 4" x 2 1/2" Below are some excerpts from the chap book: "She knows the meaning of a great many difficult words; and the names of a great many countries, cities, and towns, and she can find them upon a map. She can spell almost every little sentence that her father asks her to spell; and she can do a great many sums on a slate." "She takes care of her own clothes, and folds them up very neatly. She knows exactly where she puts them; and I believe, she could find them even in the dark. When she sees a hole in her stockings, or in her frock, or any of her clothes, she mends it... she does not wait until the hole is very large." "She can iron her own clothes; and she can make her own bed. She likes to feed the chickens, and young turkeys and give them clean water to drink, ands to wash themselves in. She likes to work in her little garden, to weed it, and to sow seeds and plant roots in it; and she likes to do little jobs for her mother: she like to be employed, and she likes to be useful.".