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240011123   1961 Handwork or Sewing Decorating Technique Student Sample Book , Belgium . .Bocholt, Belgium.1961
23030100   A collection of printed material relating to paper bags and other paper based product packaging, including samplesc. 1924-1932
29010108   "Death is Waiting for You", A Fire Safety Blotter shows death near by. Ministry of Public Works.Quebec, Canada.1940s
26008478   "Executed Beauty with a Pen " Portrait in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Embellishmentsby A. Thurber.
280006231   12" Die-cut German Doll with 5 Real Fabric Outfits for Boys & Girls. ..c1900
28015552   17 Invites to Social Events in Cayuga County NY. Andrus, McChain & Son, Democrat print, Oliphant etc..Cayuga County locations.1845-1870
23001100   1869 Valedictory Address of Toland Medical College, by L.C. Lane Professor of Anatomy. Published at the Request of the Class; Spears & Co. San Francisco. 1869. . ..
23006200   1915 Catalogue The Tablet & Ticket Co., Willson's Paper Letters and Figures (Gummed). .New York.1915
28001405   1932 Illustrated Catalog from the Mennonite Publishing House With Blank Order Form and Envelope. Mennonite Publishing House.Scottdale, PA.1932
27010101   19th Century Autograph Album belong to William from Westerly, RI. ..1880-1898
24026142   2 1/4" Scherenschnitte Cutwork Love Token. ..1860s
25026125   2 Die-cut Hat Cataloguse - Ladies and Children's Hats H. O'Neill & Co., New York . E. Wells Sachett & Ranson.New York.c1880s
26002236   2 Naive works promoting the celebrated "Superior Glossy Inks"-- with color samples and illustrations--Now for Sale Only by Druggist. ..c1890
28000694   2 Poupee Model Magazines - a Newspaper for Little Girls w Doll Dress Pattern & Embroidery Supplements. Le Journal des Demoiselles et Le Petit Courrier des Dames.Paris, France.1886
27100306   23 Select Papers on the many facets and factors surrounding the Playground. Second Annual Playground Congress.New York, NY.1908
26017452   3 Hand Made Paper Dolls w 15 Costumes, A Dog & 2 Cats c1910s. ..
28009945   3 Learning to Dance Instruction Booklets - Suzi-Q, Carlo, Tango, Cllege Rhumba, Kiss Dance, Manhattan, Charleston, Swing-Break, Snake Hips, Trucking, Shim-Sham-Shimmy, La Bomba and Swing Waltz. ..1930s
27003625   3 Lg Format Sample Swatch Folios for Dimity, Voile and Batiste Cottons. Bedford Mills.New York .1920s
26002375   3 Pamphlets- How to Treat Seed Corn,Seed Potatoes and Truck and Garden Crops with Bayer Dipdust and Disinfectants.
290008911   48 complete sets of Lion Coffee "Nursery Rhyme", "Occupations" and "Doll House". Lion Coffee, Woolson Spice Co..Toledo OH.c1992
21012123   5 Naive 20" Folk Art Paper Dolls - Buster Brown, Robert, Bertha, Nan & Lenora . .Nebraska.1910s
26015351   5 Different Greeting Cards Promoting US War Savings Bonds w Inserts - "Stamp" Out Dictators. Official War Stamp Greeting Cards.USA Treasury Dept..1942
24019134   8" Handmade Watercolor Male Paper Doll named Drake Shelbourne with 11 Costumes & 3 Hats - Contemporary and Historical Attire c1940s
25016865   9 Different Picture Story Book Get Well Greeting Cards featuring Activities, Rebus, Inventions Behaviors and More.. ..
28006595   A 6 3/4" Handmade Watercolor Paper Doll w 9 Costumes & 5 Hats. ..c1910s
29012560   A Bound Collection of 1879 Picture Lesson Paper, A Sunday School Publication. Nelson & Phillips.New York.1879
25016942   A collection of 16 different Trade Catalogues of Children's Books et al. 1940-1960s. Samuel Lowe Company.Kenosha, Wis. .
22018505   A Collection of 30 Issues of Le Sourire, A Paris Journal. .Paris, France.1900-1913
24013100   A Collection of Menus and related Ephemera from Yale, circa 1902. Yale.New Haven, CT.1902
25026234   A Hand Constructed Promotion with Calendar and Card for a Baker and Caterer, Sanford ME with Real Cake Icing Adorning the Cover. c1902. . ..
29008625   A Manuscript, Watercolor, Pen and ink Work - A Book of Ships. ..c1928
28001963   A pair of Art Nouveau influenced elaborate easel-back dance cards to hang from chatelaine or waistband. P. W. Papke.Vienna, Austria.1911
26000122   A Pair of Photographs – Before and After - Who was Left without a Mate? Litchfield CT., 1888.. ..1888
2600333   A pencil drawn kimono pattern with ornate decoration including serpents, coy, a stormy sea, heron overhead and more. .c1920s.
27000257   A Set of Five Engravings from the Cruikshankiana Series (Cruikshank) . Thomas McLean.London.August 1, 1835
23032345   A Ticket to and "Entertainment" given by Abiel Abbot Low (A.A. Low), Esq. 1867. ..1867
28010935   A Victorian Album with 78 Works comprised of album cards, hand penned poetry and verse and original art and design. Hildesheimer & Faulkner..1870-1880s
28009201   A Visit to Santa Claus. Stecher Litho. Co.Rochester, NY.1919
290008416   Advertisement for Chandler's Paper Dolls, or the Latest Paris Fashions. Brown Taggard & Chase.Boston.
27005846   Advertising Circular, Charles D. Kaufmann, Map Prints, Char and Bible Plates, Coloring and Mountin Establishment - Calendar Tinning. Charles D. Kaufmann.Philadelphia.c1880s
27007425   Advertising Cover promoting Edwin S. Stuart, Leary's Old Book Store - The Largest Old Book Store in America. .Philadelphia.1886
29001603   Aesthetic Movement Influenced Pledge Card, Abstain from Drinking, Smoking and Opium. ..1870s
24020104   Album of Remembrance - Mrs. Loretta Mitchell, 1863-1886. Leavitt and Allen.New York (publisher location).1861-1886
27000302   Album with Original Art and Hand Colored Lithography, musings and verse. .England. c 1830-1850s
26013369   Alice Woodforde Calligraphy Book in multiple German scripts including Gothic, French, English and more..
27008563   Alphabets for Embroidering on Canvas, No. 36. ..1860s
26000314   Amended 1867 The (old) Farmer's Almanack to include Ledger Pages and Records of Payment to Household Staff, A. D. Webber, Esq. Wellesley, MA. Brewer & Tileston.Boston.1867
2600031   American Fashionable Letter Writer, Original and Selected, containing a variety of Letters on Business, Love, Courtship, Marriage, Relationship, Friendship, Etc... Merriam, Moore & Co. Troy, NY. 1850
20128423   American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine, Vol. VIII, No. 9. Gideon E. Smith.Baltimore.May, 1837
28001223   Amesbury's Part in the World War . Amesbury Daily News Print.Amesbury, Mass.1919
25026437   An album titled " A Book of my copies of Old Records especially of Biddeford Maine - Revolutionary Soldiers etc., etc." .
26008125   Anayltic Workbook including Textile Specimens, Philadelphia Textile School, Pennsylvania Museum & School of Industrial Arts by Adolphe Rusch, Jr. Pioneer in Lightweight Aviation Fabrics.
26000202   Art Nouveau Blank Advertising Menu Sheets, B. Leon Croizet Grande Fine Champagne and St. Meme Cognac, ca. 1900. ..
20107525   Artistic Penmanship - Master Richard Clarke - Burnham School -Poetry with Illuminated Letters. .Northampton, MA.1865
29007104   Au Bon Marche, Changing View Card of a Servant Girl into Queen . .Paris.c1900
24000303   Au Chinois, Elaborate Chinese Inspired Advertising Piece for Silk Spool Thread by Ph. Vrau, Lille, France c1860s
27010102   Autograph Album Miss Bertha, Late 19th Century . Aldine Authograph Album.Flushing NY.1885 - 1891
24020106   Autograph Album, Maine and New Hampshire, 1887 and 1888. ..
26013104   Autograph and Sketchbook of Dorothy Borrajo, 1907-1915 . .England.1907-1915
29001103   Baby's Own A, B, C, ABC Series. McLoughlin Bro.New York.1900
22018219   Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo Program. .Schenectady, NY.1934
24016253   Be a Li'l Miss Designer Dressmaking Kit No. 898. Neptune Plastics, Inc..Brooklyn.c1960
27009532   Benefit of the Manufactures' and Village Library! Miss Helen F. Brigham, Of Boston Presents "Deestrict Skewl" . .Great Falls, NH.1890
290008602   Betty Field Paper Dolls. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.1943
290008609   Betty Grable Paper Dolls, A "Look-Thru" Book. Merrill Publishing Company.Chicago, IL.1953
29002200   Binghamton College and Conservatory of Music Day School Class Rates for Young Ladies. Binghamton College.Binghamton, NY .c. 1875
290008604   Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, Cut-Out Book. Whitman Publishing.Racine, WI.1942
26017231   Body Builder Posters for Coloring, Illustrated by Danny Webster, No. 605. Ideal School Supply Co..Chicago.1932
28001207   Books For Little Readers: Sir, Who Have You Been Talking With? . Thomas Nelson and 1850
28001531   Boston Work-Horse Parade Association, Bulletin No. 1. ..1911
28009723   Boxed Set - Little Friends. Socolu, (S* C) No. 407.Germany.c1930s
290008622   Bride and Groom, 6 Dolls and Clothes. Merrill Publisher Company.Chicago, IL.1949
290008621   Bride and Groom, Wedding and Trousseau Clothes. Western Publishing Company.Racine.1963
21005135   Brown, Taggard & Chase - School Books, Medical Books, Stationary. Brown, Taggard & Chase.Boston.
20128301   Business Card – Arthur A. Waite, Children’s Chalk-talker . ..c1880s
26008234   Business Card and Book Publisher's List - Newman & Ivison Publishers, Booksellers, and Stationers,. c1854
27003167   Caledonia Country, Vermont Written Examination of Common School Teachers. L W Rowell (St. Johnsbury, VT).Caledonia Country, Vermont .May 6, 1883
24000308   Can't Be "Beet" Die-Cut Beet shaped advertisement for Bay State Papers. ..
28015401   Cartoons of the War with Spain Book Prospectus - The Larkin Soap Manufacturing Co. Supplement to Club Premium List. Belford, Middlebrook & Co.Chicago.1898
24015100   Casino de Paree Menu and Wine List, . ..
23033100   Catalog of Stock Prints & Cuts - Parisian Novelty Co., Chicago. Parisian Novelty C.Chicago, IL.1917-1923
260023132   Catalogue and Price List of Original Label Designs, Talcum Wraps and Sachet Envelopes in Stock with Chromolithograph Images. . The Harden Lithographing Co..Phhiladelphia.1909
28001527   Catalogue Miss Sayward's School, Thirty-first Year. Innes & Sons.Overbrook, PA.1923-1924
26002415   Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Catawba College. .Newton, NC.1900
28001211   Centennial Celebration of Separation of Danvers from Salem, Massachusetts Broadside. Salem Observer Press .Salem, Mass.1852
26011826   Certificate - Council Appointment as Councillor of State Earl Chesterfield Order of Cincinnatus. .Cincinnati, OH.1876
26000201   Champagne Binet Blank Advertising Menu, ca. 1890's. ..
27100204   Charles E. Hires "Hires Magic Story" with Magic Rubbings Promoting Their Products. Charles E. Hires Company.Philadelphia.1934
201281302   Chauncey Buell's Book - Ludlow Massachusetts, 1834 -1841.
27000702   Chicago & Grand Trunk Railway, The Great Niagara Falls Air Line Menu . Rand McNally & Co...1886
27003627   Chicago Times Portfolio of the Midway Types Vol. 2,3,4,5,6, 7 ,8,9,10 & 11. The American Engraving Co..Chicago.1893
28007513   Chief Yellow Thunder Lecturer, Indian Legend, Race and Antiquity of the American Indian. .Wisconsin Dells, Wis..1930
27011104   Child's Picture Primer. Davis, Porters, Co.Philadelphia.c1865
29010107   Children's Church, St. Timothy's Parish, Roxborough, A Hymnal Program. Rectory St. Timothy's Church.Philadelphia, PA.Feb 1867
27008236   Christmas Menu - U.S. Army Debarkation Hospital No.1,. .Ellis Island, NY.1918
27006335   Christmas Menu with Brown Coat Santa Claus on Cover. .Seymour House, Ogdensburg NY (?).360
290008625   Cinderella, Jack and Jill Story Favorite Paper Dolls. Merrill Publishing Company.Chicago, IL.1952-1957
20128600   Circular, American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting Invite. .Cambridge, MA.1849
28001941   Clark's ABC Almanac or Anti-Bilious Compound. R.C & C. S. Clark, Operative Chemists..1877
27011201   Collection of Correspondence and Memorabilia of Clara Wallower, Wellesley College, Class of 1902. .Wellesley, MA.1896-1936
29007528   Columbia Club -Second Masquerade Ball. Heppenheimer & Maurer.Irving Hall, New York City.1882
28000105   Commonplace Book, Pocket Diary of August Maria Ward Bissell. .New York.1868
29001607   Confederate Ball, Annual Pageant of the Natchez Garden Club Program - Step into the Past with Natchez. Natchez Garden Club .Natchez, Mississippi.1936
28013100   Contracts and Broadside for the Auction of the Ship Inn. W. T. Hickman and Son.Southampton, UK.1883
28016156   Copy Book of Religious Hymns. Cover illustration - Pen Mightier than the Sword. Benjamin B. Mussey & Co..29 Cornhill, Boston.c1850
27000100   Correspondence to Blanche Annis Leavitt, a Teacher from Belmont, NH. .Belmont, NY.1897 - 1911
28004104   Crop Plant Stimulation Tests, Gaton Hide Mulch Paper. .Glens Falls, NY.1930
27012155   Cut McLoughlin Hattie, 4 Original Costumes and 4 Handmade Costumes with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1868
27012152   Cut McLoughlin Little Fred, Complete with Envelope. McLoughlin Bros..New York.1850s
28001996   Cutting Made Easy by Dobbs Brothers New Adjustable French Tailor System. Dobbs Bros Publishing.Minneapolis, MN.1907
26020100   Daniel Warner's Day Book - Payment Records, Days in the Moon's age, Math Problems, Remedies for Man & Beast and much more.. .Henry County, Indiana.1846
27100214   Dentifrice Toothpaste The Ivory Castle Game Playing Board. D & W Gibbs, Ltd.London.1935
27003562   Diabetes; When the human engine does not properly burn its fuel". Metropolitan Life..c1925
29000804   Diahann Carroll as "Julia" Paper Dolls (Authorized Edition). Twentieth Century-Fox Films Corp...1969
26000116   Diary of Young Girl, Frankie Brown, Daytona Florida, 1919. ..
27004245   Die-Cut "Austen's Forest Flower Cologne" Business Trade Sign or Show Card. W.J. Austen & Co. .Oswego, New York .c. 1878
25021328   Die-cut Calendar for 1901 titled "From Jap Land". Misch & Co.London .
20128363   Die-cut Dance Card in the Shape of a Cadet, University of Vermont Military Ball. The Hall-Cosler Co.Bloomington, IND.
24000308315   Die-cut Promotional Book in the shape of Foot Promoting Wayne Knitting Mill, Full Matchless Fashioned Hosiery. "Something on Foot".. ..1990
28000633   Dinner in Preparation of Berlin Conference - Fringed Watercolor of Woman holding a "Separation" banner, Hotel Brunswick. .Hotel Brunswick.February 10,1884
29012150   Directions for Making Tissue Paper Flowers, and Fancy Articles. Northrop, The Art Dealer.New Haven, CT.1886
25010115325   Documents associated with the early development of the Holyoke to South Hadley Falls Bridge including pledge petition, receipt for survey and plans, and bill heads for material printing and Bridge Committee dinner receipt 1870. . ..1870
290008910   Dolly - Box Insert - J. & P. Coats Mending Floss. J. & P. Coats.New York, NY.c1910
28001634   Double Noiseless Slate free with each pair of school shoes at Koch & Hass, Allentown PA. U.S. Calendar Co..Cincinnati OH.c1920
26000232   E. C. Spink's Classes for Dancing, . T.S. Hammond.Providence RI.
28001885   Ebell International Academy - Statement and Proposed Plan European Travel and Object Study of the fourth Class of Ladies . Ebell International Academy Journal .New York, NY.December 1875
26000126   Edith Beatty's "Aldine Autograph Album with Decorated Spaces and Lines for Sentiment and Name", Conshohocken, PA, 1880-1898. ..1878
22023200   Eight (8) Mounted Photographs of the Phineas Bemis House in Dudley, MA, 1805-2005. .MA.c. 1880
25016100   Elaborate Salesman Sample of Henry Milward & Son's Needles presented by George A. Clark & Brothers, Sole Agents in the USA. c1975
27004652   Elegant Promotional Piece for Sagell Cosmetics, Actresses and Testimonials. .Madrid & USA.c1920
290008612   Elizabeth Taylor, Cut-Out Dolls. Whitman Publishing Company.Racine, WI.1957
240003412   Engraved trade card with a dried sheaf of Italian wheat and a sicle promoting Le Moult's Natural Flower Preserving Laboratory, c1876. ..
1240129   Envelope containing hair from A. Porrer, Artist in Hair & Jewellery "By Appointment of the Queen" Regent Street. ..
21025125   Ephemera pertaining to a dinner honoring William H. Welch, MD, "the Dean of American Medicine". first Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, founder of Johns hopkins' School of Public Health, 1910..
27018102   Esther Institute, Commencement Exercise Program. .Columbus, Ohio.June 12,1857
27003111   Exhibition Card, An Exhibition of American Posters . C S Pratt.New York.October 1895
26012347   Fairyland Sprites to Paint, Crayon and Cut-out. No 1202 - ABCs, Counting and Paper Dolls. 1930
28001441   Federal Hi-Way Homes: A List of Select Private Homes Open to Travelers . L.H. Brown .Tampa, Florida.12875
290008615   Fiesta Paper Dolls, No. 1773. Saalfield Artcraft..1940s
28011623   Fiesta Paper Dolls. Saalfield, ArtCraft, No. 1723.USA.c1960
25017100   Fifth Avenue Hotel Menu, Hitchcock, Darling & Co. New York City. C1890s. . ..
28015926   Fifty-first Season. The Handel and Haydn Society - Judas Maccabaeus. E.L. Balcher, Printer..Boston.1865
28014926   Fine Cased Calligraphy Certificate of Merit for completing a term of 11 years at Mrs. Okill's Female Boarding School. .New York, NY.1859
28000753   Fine Handmade Watercolor Remembrance with lock of hair - Maria Newton Deceased Dec 19th, 1823, Age 18 years and 6 month. ..
26013375   Fine Made by Hand Geometric Designed Paper Hearts with Woven Hair with Flower at Center with Surrounding verse titled Star of Memory. ..April 14, 1861
280002709   Fine Watercolor of Regency Era Woman with 14 Ethnic, Regional or Occupational Overlays of Women. ..1820s
29012105   Fleischmann's Yeast Cool Rise Demonstration, Eight Retail Bake Shop Layout. International Milling Company Inc..1966
25100360   Flowers for the Nursery or a Good Child's Nosegay;Containing Alphabets, Easy Lessons & a gift from Mamma to her Best Love . Atwood & Brown.Concord.1837-1839
27008523   Folk Art Decorated Drawing of flowers and birds - excerpt from a Pastoral titled of Morning, Noon and Evening by John Cunningham,. ..
24018318   Four Part Presentation Piece Data on Cooperation between Employers and Employees, United Shoe Machinery Company, Excellent Presentation. .Beverly, MA.c1915
25017234   Francois French Restaurant, 46 E. Colorado St., Pasadena with homespun charm c1950s. ..
22018596   French Entertainment Imagery - Programmes, Sheet Music & Advertising. ..c1900-1910
23016238   Friendship Album for Mabel Cavalier with sentiments and 22 plus full page drawings, watercolors and novelties. .Forest Gate, London.1930
28001110   Friendship Album of Ida Ward. .Eagle Lake, Indiana.1882-1890
27010105   Friendship Album of Minnie Brutsche filled with Poems, Victorian Cutworks, and Flower Transfers. .New York.1884 - 1904
27004531   Friendship Album" To Susan" with Asian and other themed Decoupage, Imagery, Watercolors, Drawings, Sentiments, Enigma, etc.. .UK.1847-1854
29001101   Friendship and Lover's Album - Numerous Entries from the Same Three People. J. C. Riker.Harts Village, Dutchess County, New York.c1850
230003148   Friendship Letter with eternal ring plaited hair from Emma to John Van Syckel. .Mount Pleasant, NJ.1818
290008605   Gale Storm. Whitman Publishing.Racine, WI.1959
290008620   Gay and Gail, Glamorous Clothes Paper Dolls. Merrill Publishing Company.Chicago.1953
290008618   Glamour Models, Paper Dolls No. 177. Stephens Publishing Co.Sandusky, OH.
290008619   Glamour Parade, Paper Dolls No. 184. Stephens Publishing Co.Sandusky, OH.
27004100   Gonzaga College, Washington: Catalogue of the Officers and Students, For the Academic Year 1867-1868 . WM. H. Moore.Washington DC.1868
290008617   Good Neighbors Paper Dolls, No.324. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.1944
290008616   Good Neighbors Paper Dolls. Saalfield Publishing Company.Akron, OH.1944
28001409   Grandpa Pease's Tom Thumb. E. H. Pease & Co.Albany, NY.
26008200   Grocery and Wine Price List, H. Gogard, Paris, ca. 1900. ..
27021101   Halenza's Rhein = Panorama von Mainzbis Coln : New Panorama of the Rhine from Mayence to Cologne . Joseph Halenza.Mayence, Germany.1867
290008628   Hallmark Dolls, 1990, A Collection of Ten (10) Remakes of Historical Dolls. Hallmark..1990
24024323   Hand made Teaching Aids and Lesson Plans for Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Robinson. .Snowhegan, ME.c1950
26017456   Hand Penned The Old Oaken Bucket to Messrs Doherty Bros, Respectfully inscribed and executed by John C. Crowley with Pen and Ink--Elaborate Decoration. ..c1880
27003985   Handmade Card - Cut-out Elephant Front Cover Captioned "Siam". ..c1900
25012978   Hank Hart Pals on Our Farm. New York,Animated Book Company,1944 . ..
28005100   Harper's Young People. Harper & Brothers, Publishers.New York.1887
26005123   Harvard Cooperative Society - "Beaux Arts" and "Reliable" Series Christmas Cards c 1915.
25016354   Heinz Baby Food Promotional Information - For Your "Star Boarder" - Heinz Baby Foods in Glass!. ..c1940s
28001254   Heleograph Signals. From "The Iron Clad," Cape Elizabeth, Maine.. ..1860s
23006224334   Herbick & Held Type Specimen Book belonging to Violet Symons, Pittsburgh, Pa. c1950s . Herbick & Held Printing Co..Pittsburgh.c1950s
27011006   History of the Bible. Phinney & Co.Buffalo, NY.1857
27011002   History of the United States of America, Vol 1. John P. Jewett & Company.Boston.1858
28000333   Hollywood Dollies - Series 1. Hollywood Dollies, Inc..New York NY.1925
27100310   Home Play and Play Equipment for the Preschool Child . Children's Bureau Publication, No. 238 (US Dept. of Labor)..
20128103   Horse Drawn Parade Float - Harvest Festival - Flora, Ceres, Pomona. .Raymond, NH.1914
29001926   Illustrated Broadside Special Offer on Children's Trays - Sales Promotion. The Newark Tray Co..Newark, NJ.1882
27100301   Illustrated Circular of the State Normal School - Supplement to the Bulletin. .Valley City, ND.1912
26004564   In search of a job - Letters of Recommendation & Certificates for Josephine Smith, West Gardner ME 1864. . ..
28001752   Instructions for using the Dressmakers' Magic Scal, Improved and Simplified for Cutting Ladies' and Children's Wearing Apparel . The Rood Magic Scale Co..Chicago. ILL.1897
26201012   Intricate Canivet or Nun cut Cutwork, with decorations on both sides. ..c1780s
1240087   Intricate Paper Cutwork, either by or in the style of Elizabeth Cobbold c1800, Ipswich England.. ..
26000118   Inventory Book for Builder, 1903-1906 . ..
60360   Invisible Guest Dinner, 1921Montclair European Relief Committee, NJ for Czecho-Slovakia Children .
27005956   Invitation - Citizens' Grand Ball, Town Hall, In Ware (MA). ..March 12, 1851
26002354   Invitation - Luther Hill Camp No.64. Sons of Veterans, USA in Camp at Luther Hill 1894. ..
28016335   Invitation and Ticket and die-cut for a German Club Masked Ball. .Hoboken, NJ.1869
28001928   Invitation to a Sock Social given by the YPSCE with Sock for Donation attached.. .Avenue, PA.1901
26024253   Invitation, Program and Menu for Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington, Lawyers' Club, NYC . Tiffany & Co...April 29, 1889
29001223   Invitation, Ticket and Dance Card for First Annual Kansas City Flambeau Club . Lisk's Print.Kansas City.February 16, 1885
27009138   Invitation, Ticket and Menu for Krewe of Athenians Ball. .New Orleans.11354

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