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A Collection of 16 Gilded Age Masquerade Ball Tickets, Predominantly New York

New York etc. 1872-1885. "Oh! banish Care," Such ever be the motto of Thy Revelry

A collection of 16 tickets or sample invitations to the Gilded Age debauchery known as the Masquerade Ball. Often waged by social clubs and/or the wealthy. A som
ewhat universal rule of remaining anonymous by staying masked until midnight applied. All of the tickets in this collection have been used as the stubs are lacking with end perforation. Publishers include Meyer, Merkel and Ottmann, Brett Litho, Louis E. Neuman, and Heppenheimer & Mauer. All chromolithograph and depicting revelers. The largest is 7" by 4.75".

The collection includes:
Printed Front and Back
Arion - New York - 1883 - Revelers verso
Cercle Frncais De l'Harmonie, Acedemy of Music - New York, 1884 -Anthropomorphic Dancers verso
Gran Teatro Del Liceo - Spain - Regulations verso
Junger Maennerchor - New York, [1885] - Regulations verso
YGAA , Allyn Hall, Hartford CT, 1885 - monogram verso

HG. New York No. 1642
Masken-Ball New Yorker Sangerrunde, New York - 1882
Masken-Ball Schwabisxhen Sangerbundes, San Antonio, TX - 1882
Prospect Grand Bal-Masque, New York - [1885]
Prospect Grand Masque Ball, New York - 1885
The Annual German Fancy Dress Ball at the Music Hall, New York - 1872
Unidentified - Revelers with Jesters of All Ages
Unidentified - Masked lady and gent entering the ball [1880s]

"Natty" Embossed - can-can and masks
"Nictitate" Embossed - vignette of masked woman with masques
Jester and woman removing mask. Light scrapbook residue, else fine.

Price: $3,200.00

Item #8500089