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2 Valentine with Couples Under Umbrellas with Moving Secret Message

Two 9 3/4" x 5 1/2" die cut, mechanical valentine cards. The first couple has a purple umbrella over there heads.
She has blond hair with a pink dress and he has a cap with black shirt and green plaid shorts. Between them is
a hidden message on a card. If you move the umbrella the hidden message moves and so does the boys eyes.
Pencil inscription on front legs - Bettie and Roger. Thesecond couples also has an umbrella. The boy is dressed in blue and shehas on a pink dress. By his left side is a hidden message and when the umbrella movesso does the
message along with the girls eyes. Reversed marked with pencil inscription.The condition is fair with easel back.

Price: $22.00

Item #55711

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