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Recreation for the Colored America

New York, NY: The American City Magazine, Aug-26. An article by Ernest T. Attwell (1878-1949) that appeared in 'The American City Magazine' in 1926. The article is meant to help promote the building of recreational spaces for African Americans. For this article the term 'recreational spaces' means local play grounds and parks that children can access as well as camps which African Americans can attend. The first part of the article discusses the current lack of spaces, and the benefits such spaces would provide. The latter half of the article cites specific examples of recreational spaces that were created in the early 1920s. The majority of these newly created spaces are located in Southern states, however there are a few in the Northern states. For example, the Mosley Recreation Center in Chicago, IL. The picture on the top of the first page of the article is from the Mosley Center and features a group of African American Children taking part in an Egyptian scene during a pageant. There are three more images from photographs in the article, one shows children of color playing tennis, and the last two feature a group shots of children after a pageant and radio contest. This is captioned "The colored children did very well in the annual city-wide contest in radio construction, Doublasss Playground, Chicago". The author of the article, Ernest T. Attwell, was an important pioneer in the development of recreational spaces in America, particularly those aimed for use by minorities. 3 pages, double sided, numbered 161-166. Non-related articles and photographs on pg 161 & 166. Age toning. Small holes on edge where binding was located.

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