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An Watercolor Typescript Album Created to commemorate parents-in-law Rank Albert Allchin and Emily Cooper 1879-1929

Charles A Hannaford, born on 4th August 1887, was the son of the renowned landscape and coastal painter, Charles E Hannaford (1863 – 1955).

Charles A Hannaford was educated at Devonport High School and studied art at Plymouth Art School.

Although he inherited his father’s artistic talent he went into the banking profession. On retiring from Lloyds Bank in 1935, he settled in Wroxham,Norfolk where he founded “Broads Tours Ltd”. As well as running the business, he used his talent in producing delightful watercolors. Many of his painting were illustrated in the small booklet he produced entitled “The Charm of the Norfolk Broads”. This also featured a centerfold map with drawings of mills, inns and all the landmarks showing places of interest along the waterways and the larger Broads.

Charles A Hannaford painted right up to his death on 8th August 1972 age 85, the year this book was created.

Wroxham,Norfolk, England: 1972. A large format album reconstructed album illustrated and narrated by Charles Arthur Hannaford. The majority of the content, excluding the narration was created by his father in law and reflected the life of Frank Albert Allchin and his wife Emily Cooper, between the years 1879 and 1929. The cover of the album has applied steel initials of the couple handwrought by a member of the Blacksmiths' Guild. This fine album contains 16 typescript pages of commentary, preceding each of the 16 watercolor pages. Each page is noteworthy and in most instances includes some original watercolor(s) from the original album. They include a galleon at Fowey with the Allchin's family of ·St. Willow· in the background; St. Albans, 1925
"St. Albans" Holborn - sketch made in 1929 - of particular note as the background created by Hannaford was done after his mother-in-laws wedding veil. The white flowers at top are cut away from the background page and the watercolor is tucked beneath it. A copy of their marriage certificate precedes this page.
A view of Tredudwell Manor, Cornwall, with accompanying letters (1972) from Colonel Shakenley who lived at the Manor, embellished with farm animals, bees, etc.
The Royal Fowey Yacht Club, embellished with the yacht clubs pennant
A series of seven (7)small watercolors telling the story of mending the torpedo . Caricatures of Figures in Weymouth, 1916;
Emily in her Cornish garden
Frank's Pro bono work
Two (2) fold-down pages of family tress illustrated with nine (9) small watercolors and photographs
A miniature deck of individually made watercolor cards laid out as a game of Patience with a flap when lifted revealing a devil seated atop the ace of hearts
A watercolor of a rowboat at sea, about 1879 embellished with a pictorial map of the route to their first country home in Cornish
Houses of Parliament
Frank in his Cornish garden
A child's pencil drawing of his/her siblings with a watercolor of same, presumably created by Charles identifying each of the children
A miniature handmade watercolor book signifying Emily's love of reading and a photograph of Frank at his desk.
the marriage certificate of Frank (born Frederick) and Emily. Presented in a beautiful leather bound album with initials on the front

Measures 10 1/2" x 15".

Exceptional remembrance in both composition and content.

Price: $2,600.00

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