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A Collection of 23 miniature pen and ink landscapes created by one woman - elements of nature

Sweden: 1909. A collection of 23 small format cards featuring landscapes. The subject matter reflects nature in a particular locale throughout the year. It includes three (3) seasons of a sparsely treed country lane, an array of water scenes through the trees, just trees and just water. While contemplating the images one conjures a sense calm, peace and serenity.

Each illustration in done in black ink, on the blank side of a note card. The majority of the images are of landscape scenes featuring forests, mountains, or lakes. Three of the illustrations have accents of red ink as well. One unique card in this collection depicts on the lined side of the note card, a head of a donkey with the caption, "That's me." Several of the note cards have "Minum Kultani" on them, which is Finnish for "my love". One card features the below quote:

"I feel today as if life were at an end. I guess that my window faces west. Cohen was right in his saying that 'life is very funny proposition after all' - but I don't see where the fun comes in, not even on pay-days and I wonder."

"There is more summer in Sweden than any place else (in the hearts - written on reverse)"

This quote is signed with the name Einar, a Scandinavian boy's name meaning warrior or leader. The illustrated note cards in the collection often have either Einar or the initials E. S. on them. Additionally a few times the illustrations are dated. It is clear that some of these note cards were originally used for study purposes as on the back of some cards are some notes, such as exogamy (a scientific term) or Schweizerisches Rechtslexikon by K. Brodtbeck (Swedish Legal Dictionary). Previously used as note cards and repurposed for drawing. The note cards themselves are 5" x 3" with a single hole punch at the bottom. Four of the cards in the collection have been done on smaller trimmed note cards, the smallest of which is 3 1/2" x 2". One of these smaller cards has been done in pencil rather than pen. Minor toning on some note cards due to age. Some of have faded water stains on them.

Price: $1,100.00

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