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Stock Share Certificate for the Bethany Building, A Fundraising Campaign to Enlarge the Bethany's Presbyterian Church

The Bethany School was founded in 1859 and its mission was to educate the children of local area, who were mostly from poor families. The school was founded by E. H. Toland, a missionary from the American Sunday School Union and John Wanamaker (1838-1922) who was an American merchant. Wanamaker was also a religious, civic, and political figure, and was perhaps most well known for being a pioneer in marketing. Within two years of its founding, the school had grown to over 230 students with 17 teachers and went from a single rented room to its own building in the neighborhood. In 1865 the school had over 900 students and Wanamaker had decided to again move the school to a larger location and this time add a church. By 1874, the school and church were again too small to meet the community's needs, and a fundraising campaign to enlarge the "Bethany Building" began.

Philadelphia, PA: Bethany's Presbyterian Church, October 23, 1874. A stock share certificate for the fundraising campaign for the enlargement of "Bethany Building" where the Bethany School and church were located. A part of this campaign was that with the payment of one dollar, an individual was given a share in the enlargement, as well as a certificate denoting that. The certificates were printed in red ink, with a simple double lined red border, and with spaces provided in the text to fill out the donor name, date, and certificate number. The certificates were also signed by the Treasurer, Sam M. Clement, countersigned by Mrs. W. J. Ferguson, and by Wanamaker himself as the Superintendent. The certificate also features a black and white engraving of the Bethany Building, though whether this is an artist's rendition of the what the expanded would look like, or the original building is unknown. This certificate was purchased by Sallie Maull. Bethany School School would grow to be the largest Sunday School in the nation, and the church associated with the school is still in existence today, and is known as the Bethany Church Evangelical Presbyterian and is now located in Haventown, PA. Single page, single sided. Measures 9" x 5 1/4" General wear and minor stains.

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