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I Want You, Catalogue No. 200 - Novelty Post Cards, Valentines, Birthday Cards & Booklets and much more

Little was found on A. S. Mankin & Co., with the exception of advertisements for its products between 1908 and 1913. Due to the presence of in this catalogue of post cards featuring the burning of the Equitable Life Assurance Building in New York, which occurred in January 1912, this catalogue is mostly likely from between 1912-1913.

Alexandria, VA: A. S. Mankin & Co., [1912-1913]. A trade catalogue for a stationary company, called A. S. Mankin & Co., out of Alexandra, VA. The company sold a variety of cards and post cards for all sorts of occasions. While the majority of the cards were made from paper, there were a few which featured "silk pillows", sometimes scented, attached to the cards to enhance their looks. Also, although there were cards for specific holidays, such as Christmas and Valentines Day, the bulk of the cards sold were nonspecific but with interesting designs. For example: comic post cards, sea shell post cards, equitable fire post cards(cards featuring photographs of the fire that took place at the Equitable Life Assurance Building), love scene post cards, cat post cards, mechanical panorama cards, animal cards, and French carnival cards. With the exception of a few pages toward the end of the catalogue, each page features four items. For each item there is a brief description of it, the cost, and a black and white photograph of the individual card or series. The catalogue also features a limited number of non stationary items, such as pins, transparencies, fans, model air planes, and post card albums. The front cover features a black and white illustration of a Native American in stereotypical dress, holding a tomahawk in one hand and a rifle in the other. The back cover features a large advertisement for "J. Koehler's Arabian Balsam", a type of cure-all concoction mean for wounds, but supposedly particularly effective against blood poisoning. 23 pgs. Printed wrappers. Staple binding. Measures 8 3/4" x 5 3/4" General wear.

Price: $110.00

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