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Fine Promotional Booklet What She Wears- Migel Quality Silks with Calendar Pages for 1908 - The Modern Woman in Silk

What woman wouldn't want to purchase a garment of Migel silk and magically look like one of the influencers on the calendar pages.

New York & Paris: M. C. Migel & Co., 1908. 8 french-fold pp. with silk screened crane on wraps. The paper for the cover is laid paper with chain lines. The paper for the booklet is more of a washi paper with chain lines. All quite striking. The booklet describes the fine silks produced by the company and the various silk types that include Mandarin, Pagoda, Tussorah, Shantoong, Montora and Song-o-Silk. Line drawn in text illustrations relevant to the silk being discussed. It concludes with the meaning of colors e.g. Blue, or the sapphire, expresses heaven, the firmament, truth from a celestial origin, the color denoting constancy, fidelity. This is accompanied by six (6) lithograph light stock calendar pages, each depicting a stately woman, drawn in the style of Charles Dana Gibson adorned in a garment made of silk. Each page also has two calendar months for 1908 and is captioned " The Mandarin, Pagoda, Tussorah, Shantoong, Montora or Song-o-Silk Girl", each in the colors described in the meaning of colors section. Calendar pages tuck neatly into the booklet. Booklet measures 9 1/4" x 5 1/8"

Price: $150.00

Item #29001522