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Financing the American Family, 100 Years of Progress in Family Finance with Promotional Flyer for United Charities of Chicago

Chicago, IL: Household Finance Corporation, 1933. In 1933 Chicago hosted it second World's Fair in forty years, and it was called "A Century of Progress". It was held at the lake front from June 1st to November 1st in 1933 and May 26th to October 1st in 1934. The 'Household Exhibit' produced by the Household Finance Corporation, told "the story of Family Finance in beautiful paintings, sculpture, and talking pictures", and it contended that "modern economic difficulties requires quite as high courage and as much enterprise as was displayed by men and women of covered wagon days." The item is the 16 page advertising booklet for the exhibition which showcases some of the paintings used to juxtapose different financial realities between 1833 and 1933. Such as two colorful paintings of families from each era in their homes, with the two captions: "The pioneer family of 1833 built its own home out of materials bountifully provided by nature." and "The average city family of 1933 rents the home it occupies from a speculative builder." The booklet continues on to further describe the differences of family life, delving deeper in the financial difficulties families might now face getting a loan. The last section provides advice on how to get a personal loan for your family.

The booklet also comes with a large insert, advertising the Untied Charities of Chicago, which features two black and white before and after images - one poor family without help from the charity, and the family once it received help. 6 pgs. Staple bindings. OCLC 7 (Jan 2020) Measures 9" x 6" (booklet), 14" x 8 1/2" (insert). General wear and toning. Insert has separations at the fold.

Price: $135.00

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