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Programme of the Examination & Exhibition Exercises, at Appleton Academy

New Ipswich Academy was charted in 1789, and would later change its name to New Ipswich Appleton Academy, and then just Appleton Academy after its largest benefactor Samuel Appleton (1766-1853). It was an historic private academy which operated from 1789 to 1968, and then again from 1969 to 1974. It is the second oldest academy chartered in New Hampshire, and had a close relationship with Dartmouth College. A fire destroyed the original main building in 1941, but a new building of similar design was erected at the same site. After the school shut town in 1974, the town of Appleton used it for their public school system until 2011. The buildings were then used by a non profit, The Center for Information, Technology & Society and the Program of Knowledge, which focused on STEM education for children grades K-12. Around 2018 the charity sold the buildings to Bay State Militaria & Antiques, who are in the current process of renovating the buildings.

New Ipswich, NH: Appleton Academy, November 24th & 25th, 1862. A program for the Appleton Academy in New Ipswich, NH that ironically served both as list of the students' scheduled times for those final exams and their graduation program. The cover of the program features a black and white engraving of the main building of the academy with the title, date, and ticket information of the exams and exhibition, set in a decorative filigree border. The interior of the program lists the different performances in the exhibition, from speeches, to music and dramatic performances, ending with a Valedictory Speech. Once again the text is set within a decorative filigree border, though one that is more simplistic than the front cover. The back page lists the various exams, from French to Chemistry, their locations and times. Exams ended by midday on the 25th, so the assumption is that the exhibition would have occurred that night. The text is set inside the same simplistic decorative border as the interior of the program. Single fold. Double sided. Measures 8" x 5" (folded), 10" x 8" (unfolded). General wear. Crease folds.

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