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Announcement of the Winona Summer School, Season of 1906

The school was started in 1894 and is named after the Native American word 'Winona' which meant the first born daughter. However the term apparently was co-opted by American Christians to mean a "philanthropic [effort] without the cloak of charity", or in other words doing good for the sake of doing good. The school put forth the idea of a Winona movement, which would have been an expansion of Christianity to the masses, meant to act as an uplifting force against greed.

Winona Lake, IN: Winona Assembly and Summer School Association, 1906. Winona Summer School was a Christian school in Winona Lake, IN, where both school young men and woman could attended summer school for college credit, but also enjoy the outdoors. Winona Summer Schools thought that "environment has everything to do with making or marring a summer school... vacation work in summer school should not be spent within another four walls, but rather somewhere in the open, where there are shifting pleasures and social conditions." As such the school is a unique mix of educational ventures and activities one would find at a summer resort. The booklet starts by describing the campus, information on lecture series, social clubs, Sabbaths at Winona, description of the lake and bath houses, chorus group, transportation, park tickets, hotel facilities, and information on swimming and boating in the nearby lake. Winona was divided up into several smaller school departments: Modern Languages, Literature, Agriculture, Nature Study, Music, Mathematics, Librarians, French Literature, Expression (public speaking), History of Art, Fine Art, Classical Languages, Hebrew, History and Civics, Kindergarten and Primary Methods, Teacher's Course, Manual Training, Domestic Science, Public School Drawing, Athletics, Bible Teacher's Training, Mission Study, Sunday School Workers Course, Photography (which used a state of the art Daguerre [sic] building and dark room), and Biology. Each department has a description of what it teaches, the name and small portrait of the head of the department, and the tuition costs for its courses. There was a separate, non educational department, entitled Teachers' Information Bureau which was designed to assist teachers in obtaining better jobs. Also included in the booklet are information on a list of board members and directors of Winona Assembly and Schools, the By-Laws of Winona, a description of the Winona Movement, a discussion on retirement, a list of attending students from the previous year (1905) summer session, and a list of other schools run by the Winona Assembly such as the Winona Agricultural Institute (for boys), Winona Park School for Young Women, Winona Technical Institute, and the Winona Bible School. Lastly there are several pages of advertisements. 83 numbered pgs, plus 5 unnumbered advertising pgs. Printed wrappers. Staple binding. No OCLC. Measures 7 1/2" x 4 3/4" General wear. Penciling on front cover and on several interior pages. Minor water stain on front cover.

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