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A Letter from A Traveling Salesman to his Sister in Kansas City, MO

Bushton, KA: 6-Dec-09. A six page letter written by a traveling salesman named Augustus, who is delayed in the small town of Bushton, KS, which is located north west of Wichita, KS. He is writing to his sister, Mrs. Emma J. Newton, who lives in Kansas City, Missouri. It appears as though he has had a run of bad luck, as his company's check and letter of introduction was mislaid somewhere in the mail. In addition the weather doesn't appear to be to his liking as it is "somewhat cold and stormy. The snow is falling, from heaven, to the earth below!" He is staying at the Montour Hotel, which while its letterhead claims to have "Courteous Treatment" and "tables supplied with the best delicacies of the season [with] ample accommodations for all", according to Augustus, his accommodations leave much to be desired. In his words, "hotel is by no means, worth the money, for the fare is just medium and a regular bill. No change whatever. Eggs not be had, so it is evident that heus [sic] are on a strike. Beef is exceedingly tough, so much so, that it is liable to cause indigestion. The rooms are like an iceberg." He ends the letter with hopes that his sister has recovered from her severe cold and informs her that he has gotten a 'Kansas token' for her and a Miss Bauer, as well as a "beautiful calendar 1910, for your Home Sweet Home!". The letter itself is written on the hotel's stationary, which is light blue in color and features a printed black and white photograph of the exterior of the hotel. Comes with corresponding envelope. Measures 8 1/2" x 6" (letter), 6 1/2" x 3 1/2" (envelope). General wear.

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