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An Archive Representing 960 Unique Photos or Narratives from the National Child Labor Committee (NCLC)

Multiple Locations: National Child Labor Committee, 1936-1953. Child Welfare, Child Labor, NCLC

The collection or archive is comprised of approximately 980 unique images or narratives including 480 photographic prints in envelopes, many with negatives included and 330 negatives, plus an addition 27 larger format photographic prints and 140 descriptive caption cards without photographs. Additionally, there are two (2) printed Legends of Photographs relating to the Tiff mines. A majority of the photographic photos and negatives are captioned often extensive captions that describe the photo subjects, offering a detailed depiction of working and living conditions of many children--and adults--in the United States between 1936 and 1953, the majority in 1937-1938.

For detail on the items please contact us for details. Overall VG.

Price: $150,000.00

Item #29000301