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Latta's Sewing Cards, A Sample Set of Four

The company itself was founded by John Steward Latta in 1898 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and provided supplies for rural and primary teachers. Generally speaking, the company would supply teachers with a large catalogue of the items, which could then be ordered by mail. Some of the items sold were: maps, traceable stencils, sewing cards, coloring pages, lesson stories, posters, weaving mats, flash cards, clock dials, toy money, wooden blocks and beads for stringing, trophy cabinet, speaker stand, merit cards and honor certificates. By 2017, the company moved completely to internet sales, shutting down their retail store. Still located in Huntington and in operation today, they are named Latta's School Furnishing & Playgrounds. Cards are single sided, printed on card stock.

Cedar Falls, IA; Huntington, WV; Memphis, TN: J. S. Latta Inc., ? A set of four sewing cards were produced by the J. S. Latta Company, which sold a variety of school products. These four were a sample of the 30 different sewing patterns. The cards come with their original storage envelope and four cards feature eight different sewing patterns: overall boy, Mother Goose, bow and arrow, kitty, tulip, star, chick and reindeer. The set was sold for 20 cents. . Measures 9" x 6" General wear. Envelope has edge wear and two inch tear.

Price: $85.00

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