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A Letter on The Dipsy Baths Letterhead

The Dipsy Baths were a full-service private bathhouse built around the turn of the 20th century by Willie O. Littlefield. There beach goers could change their clothes, wash off before and after swimming in the ocean and rent beach supplies like sun umbrellas and beach towels. The buildings contained showers whose run-off went straight into the nearby ocean, 100 changing rooms, a small store and lounge were one could retreat from the hot sun and sip on a cool soda.

Kennebunk Beach, ME: 4-Sep-25. A brief letter written on a letterhead from The Dipsy Baths in Kennebunk Beach, ME. A printed black and white photograph of the bathhouses with an American Flags blowing in the wind and several cars in front. The letter is written to Hiram from an unknown individual. it discusses a recent town meeting, whose transcript (printed in a local newspaper) was originally enclosed with the letter. Apparently a man by the name of Calder was gearing up for a fight, and other town citizens were worried that the town would be dragged into a legal battle over the matter. One, by the name of Elmer Roberts, was preparing to start a fund in order to raise money for any possible legal expenses. The note is not signed, it is unclear if this was just a short missive or if a secondary page is missing. The Dipsy Baths are now owned by the Kennebunk Beach Improvement Association (KBIA), and is now called the Smith House, thought the original signs for the Dipsy Bathhouse are still displayed on the outside of the building. Singe sheet, single sided. Measures 9 1/2" x 6" General wear. Small tear on the left side of the page.

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