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Victorian Advertising - "So Easy a Child Can Do It"

Heavy wear/repair to refrigerator card.

1880s. Twenty-five (25) advertising trade cards flyers and pamphlets with illustrations of children easily and efficiently using a product to accomplish a task. The majority are focused on women's work . They include:

Nine (9) food related cards of children preparing foods for Atmore's Mince Meat, Nestle's Milk Food, Hornby's Oats, Butterine, Chicago Processing and Provisions (canned meats), Piefilene and Ta-Ka-Kake,

Six (6) for laundry and soap products including Chief Soap, New Process Soap, Buchan's Carbolic Disinfecting Soap, Ivorine, Empire Wringer and Moore's Sheet or Book Soap --individual soap sheets in a book for all kinds of hands.

Four (4) Sewing Machine cards including Howe, New Home, Leader and the Standard Sewing Machine.

Three (3) for Stoves including Glenwood & Elmwood and Richmond Stove Co. Additionally a pamphlet with little girls baking with a Garland Stove in the background and words and verse at base for a backing song. The inside pages promote the product.

Two (2) of children cooking with Granite Iron Ware pots.

A mechanical die-cut card depicting a little girl displaying the interior of a Stone White refrigerator.

One for Chase's Liquid Glue depicting children creating a scrap book.

And finally a young girl in fine attire mowing a lawn with an Excelsior Lawn Mower (for Horse or Hand Power) while the adults play badminton. All depict children, happily engaged in household chores traditionally reserved for mother. Designed by men using children as advertising ploys to "make mother's life easier"

Price: $525.00

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