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Window Display - Victory Girls - Girls to Earn and Give to Make Our Fighters Fit

United War Work Campaign of November 11-18, 1918, an effort to raise $170,000,000 to provide entertainment for American troops abroad in World War I. Seven non-governmental organizations participated in this campaign: The American Library Association, Jewish Welfare Board, Knights of Columbus, the Salvation Army, War Camp Community Service, Young Men’s Christian Association and Young Women’s Christian Association. The campaign began November 11, 1918, on the day the war ended. However, fundraising continued, as troops would remain in France until well into 1919.

The “Seven Sisters” did not always get along well behind the scenes of the United War Work Campaign, but each had a personal stake in its success. Because of this, they were able to present a strong appeal to the people of the United States to donate to a cooperative coalition that wanted the best for all American servicemen.

United War Work Campaign, 1918. An 11 3/4" x 8" paper window display depicting an eagle atop a banner. It reads " A girl from this home has enrolled in the VICTORY GIRLS to earn and give to make our fighters fit". United War Work Campaign surrounds the banner. Reverse is blank.

Price: $150.00

Item #25024315

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