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Correspondence from Christopher Greaves, who had attended Yeates Institute, Belmont, Lancaster PA to Ludwig F. C. Haas, of Lancaster PA while attending Phillips Academy, Andover MA.

1901-1903. June 25, 1901 – South Lowestoft
· Birthday wishes
· Bird egg collection
· Lots of questions on classmates and activities
· Attending games in motor cars
· The New English Stamps
· The ferry rockets
· Greaves at his desk composing letter with lots of questions
· Bull ramming ostrich with head in the sand; bull about to be hit by a cattle catcher on a train
· Two views of a cherry tree before and after damage
Five (5) crests.
January 6, 1902
· Discussion about a photo he’d received with the last letter
· Christmas holidays and presents
· Putting up two new bird boxes
· Playing golf and bicycle riding
· Hunting and other sports
· Man riding a horse
· Scared cat
· Students escaping from lecture
· Bicycle riders
· Birds’ nests
· Golfers
· Self-portrait
Six (6) postage stamps
March 18, 1902
· News in previous correspondence
· Request for US stamps School football (soccer)
· Crow’s behavior in the UK and US and spending time on the Conestoga with friends seeing the many blackbirds and finding three (3)dead crows in a nest
· Discussion on where-abouts and disposition of previous classmates
· Baby birds in a nest – mama bird hovering above
· Haas McDevilt Champion figure staking day – series of views
· Boy and man chased up a tree by dogs
· Prof. Lader Shands of Harvard “How to raise potatoes”
· Mc Briggs alias Christopher Greaves (letter writer)
August 15, 1902
· Thanks for splendid stamps, sharing with friends
· Didn’t get the eggs his birthday, bird nesting
· Comments on Haas’ hideous nightmarish pictures
· Congrats as treasurer of Athletic Association; teasing about bagging the money
· Crew races and how funny friends looked with head’s shaved
· Treasure of Athletic Association collecting fees
· Bicycle riding and tricks
· Bird nesting in the meadows “keep your eyes open”
· Bird scooping fish out of water
· Men hunting rabbits
One (1) stamp
August 20, 1902 – Forest Hill, Oxford Eng.
· A school chum had accused him of getting married
· Discussions on bird migrations cross the Channel, Mediterranean sea N. Africa, Southern Spain
· King’s illness before coronation
· Summer guest and their activities while in town
· Bicycle touring in country side
· Attending Coronation Procession in London – lots of Americans; naval review mostly foreign warships were away
· Boating picnic at Oxford
· Boer generals in London
· Big railway races in America
· Questions on classmates
· Man reading NY paper looking for marriage announcement
· Birds dressed in vacation attire approaching a train to S. Spain
· Man in knickers playing golf
· Fishing from a canoe
· Man eating watermelon
· Little girls
· Man with umbrella atop airship with balloon tied to a pig
February 1903
· “royal shoot” with Prince Wales,
· Collecting stamps or crests
· Collecting “English Eggs” and updating the collection
· Many terrible rail accidents in the US , wonders if the “flying machins will come in fashion”
· The wonders of the Marconi system
· Playing golf
· Re Ludwig’s picture in long pants—a new sensation getting old
· Bluebirds’ nests and wondering about their habits
· Football (US) and Sir Thos. Lipton “lifting” the America Cup.
· Boy sneaking an egg from a nest
· American football
· Granny peddling an air balloon
· Series of views of an ice skater racing and falling
November (no year)
· Collecting Crests
· Playing football
· Two vessels driven ashore due to rough weather
· Golfer
· Boys falling on ice while skating
· A rabbit
Four (4) crest, two (2) postage stamps.

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