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Women's Health Education for Teen Girls Furnished by Tampax, 1959-1968

New York, New York: Tampax, 1959-1968. Twelve (12) printed educational leaflets furnished by Tampax for health education classrooms, with a focus on menstrual health and reproductive education. The literature is addressed to teens and pre-teens seeking answers about their changing bodies. The tone is generally positive and fact-based, with an aim to dispel harmful myths about sex and gender. Encourages girls to be active and hygienic. All items are housed in a printed folder by Tampax measuring 11.25" by 9". They include:

"Recommendations from Women Doctors and Gynecologists about Sports Activity for Girls". Reprint from 1959 issue of Johper Journal of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Bifolium (11" by 8.5").

"Girls Want Answers..." New York: Tampax, 1969. Bifolium (11.25" by 7.5"), illus.

Checklist with detachable mail order form for Tampax educational material. New York: Tampax, c.1965. Printed in blue on light blue card. Measures approx. 11" by 8.5".

Dickinson, J.P., illus. "Female Reproductive Organs". New York: Tampax, c.1965. Illustrated anatomical diagram, single leaf measuring 11" by 8.5", both sides illus.

Anderson, Edith. "Who Wants to Know What About Menstrual Health?". Reprint from Nursing Outlook 1965 issue. Bifolium (11" by 8.5").

Nolen, Jewell. "Problems of Menstruation". Reprint from October 1965 issue of Johper. Bifolium (11" by 8.5").

"Tampons in Menstrual Hygiene". Reprint from 1965 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. Bifolium (11" by 8.5").

"From Fiction to Fact". New York: Tampax, 1966. Single volume (10.75" by 8.5"), pp. 28, illus., stapled in original illus. self wrps.

Thomas, Clayton. The Influence of Menstrual Protection Devices on Vaginal Physiology". Reprint from December 1966 issue of The Journal of the American College Health Association. Bifolium (11" by 8.5").

Two (2) copies of: Dodge, Eva. "The Doctor Talks About Menopause". Reprint from the Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, July 1968. Bifolium (10.5" by 7.5").

Thwing, Grace. "Swimming During the Menstrual Period". c.1968 reprint from 1943 issue of the Journal of Health and Physical Education. Single leaf (11" by 8.5"). Very good. Toning, short tears.

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