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Advertising Circular for Waterford, Maine "Water-Cure Establishment"

The Hydropathic Establishment at Waterford was opened in 1847, and renamed the Maine Hygienic Institute in 1854; thereafter, it accepted female patients only, and veered slightly away from Hydropathy as its main method of treatment-- though never completely away from it. It ultimately transformed into a popular summer resort in the 1890s known as "Lake House"

Waterford, Maine: [Hydropathic Establishment at Waterford], 1849. Advertising circular for a Waterford, Maine "Water-Cure Establishment" that treated a host of patient afflictions with "Hydropathy", or healing waters: "The world is already indebted to Homeopathy for a better system of practice, and for exposing to common daylight the uncertainties of medicine ... And Hydropathy, we sincerely believe, is destined to do much more in exposing the abuses and absurdities in popular [medical] practice". Common Hydropathy treatments involved drinking or immersing oneself in healing waters, or wrapping limbs in wet wraps. A fascinating look into the world of homeopathy in 19th century medicine. Bifolium (10" by 8"), printed on two pages only. Very good. Minor water stains.

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