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Two (2) Greeting Cards with Cutlery Puns Resembling Napkins with Cutlery

A FORK to show you're not fork-otten
A KNIFE to show I'm sture as steel,
Both to show I'm ready and waiting,
To face the future for woe or weal.

London: J. King, [1890s]. Two (2) amusing greeting cards designed with cutlery puns: "A Stirring Time to You" - may you always have a fresh spoon when the old one turns rusty..., "A FORK to show you're not fork-gotten...", and so on. Each is crafted out of embossed decorated paper and has a corner folded back, to help it resemble a napkin. Both are embossed with paper cutlery pasted on. Both measure approx. 5" by 4" Very good. Minor dust soiling, spotting, offsetting. Adhesive from where previously affixed to scrapbook.

Price: $350.00

Item #23000610