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Adventures in Charm: "Let's Eat!" and "Stepping Out"

United States: Association of Adventurers, 1934. Two (2) printed pamphlets from 1934 titled "Adventures in Charm!", offering advice to women who want to become stylish and interesting. The first, titled "Let's Eat!" urges the reader to explore world cuisine, become an interesting conversationalist at the dinner table, and be adventurous with eating; after all, "It is very difficult to be charming to either your host, your hostess or the person next to you if you are having difficulty swallowing your oyster." Offers suggestions for exciting and fashionable meals such as "Boiled onions, hollowed out and filled with creamed peas, baked" and "Buttered turnips filled with carrot sticks". Yum!

The second pamphlet, titled "Stepping Out", advises women to engage in exciting activities such as tobogganing, ice fishing, and window shopping. It offers advice on what to wear, what to take, and some games to play with friends, including "Treasure Hunt", "Farmyard Cribbage", "Penny Hike", and "Hares and Hounds". Finally, the pamphlet provides two recipes suited to the outdoors (Cocoa and Chowder).

Each tri-fold pamphlet measures 7" by 4" closed, and features illustrations of young women being charming and doing exciting things. Very good to near-fine.

Price: $150.00

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