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Exercises for People Who Sit at Work

Bureau of Social Education of the National Board, Young Women's Christian Association, 1919. Combat sluggish digestion, bad circulation, flabby muscles, nervousness and the "Blues" with this pocket-sized guide of exercises tailored for working women by the YWCA! It will provide the "Three Things Wanted by All Girls": Youthfulness, Health and Efficiency. The guide provides the user with ten (10) diagrams showing different exercises including: "Signaling"; "Steamboat"; "Chopping Wood"; "Climbing Ladder"; and "Jumping Jack". There are even exercises mimicking bowling and playing baseball ("Bowling" and "Batting Baseball"). Ten-panel folding pamphlet measuring approx. 5.5" by 3.25" folded, 5" by 32" unfolded. Printed on olive green card stock. Illustrated. Fine.

Price: $325.00

Item #22001374