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Government-Issued Informational Leaflet with Information on Tire/Rubber Rationing

Washington, D.C. Office of Price Administration, 1942. Illustrated informational leaflet informing the public about tire and rubber rationing during World War Two, issued by the U.S. Government. Highly propagandistic, it aims to garner public support for rationing, and includes: directions for how to qualify for gasoline and tires, and passing inspection; tips on how to make tires last longer; and several facts and figures illuminating "The Rubber Situation".

The central focal point of the leaflet is a large cartoon of a Japanese soldier, bayonetted rifle in hand, hoarding tires. It is both threatening and stereotypical. The caption reads, "This is why your mileage is rationed".

Measures 8.5" by 11" Very good. Toned, center crease.

Price: $175.00

Item #22000728