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Set of Five (5) Printed Tags Promoting Child and Social Welfare Causes in America between 1917-1918

United States: 1917-1918. A set of five (5) printed tags promoting social welfare causes in American towards the end of World War One, including the Chicago Children's Benefit League, the Permanent Blind Relief War Fund, and Hospital Day at the Passavant Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Each tag is die-cut and measures approx. 2.75" by 1.75". Each has a small die-cut hole at the head, with embroidery floss wound through. The five tags include:

"Oct. 15 1917 Chicago Children's Benefit League". Blue oval die-cut tag with illustration of impoverished child on recto, verso blank.

"Oct. 14 1918 Chicago Children's Benefit League". Orange tag die-cut in the shape of a shield, featuring illustration of impoverished child on recto. Verso blank.

"Blind". Die-cut tag with illustration of blind soldier on recto, verso blank. Promoting "Permanent Blind Relief War Fund", with date of fundraiser or event, Nov. 25th 1918.

"Hospital Day". Blue die-cut tag advertising Hospital Day at Passavant Memorial Hospital, the "Chicago Lying in Hospital". Dated Monday, Nov. 4, 1918.

"Please help a Crippled Child". Die-cut tag printed in red and green with illustration of holly sprig. Place and publisher unknown. Very good. Traces of adhesive to rectos where previously affixed to scrapbook pages.

Price: $175.00

Item #22000398