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German-Austrian Original Card Game - Modern Music Themes

19-Dec: [1940s]. A set of 48 original watercolor playing cards predominantly music themes. There are 12 suits with four cards each each suit is titled. Each card within the suit has four (4) relevant names e.g. The first set is dances and the names are fox trot, waltz, rumba and jitterbug and are repeated on each card although the order changes. The watercolor on the card represents the top card - Fox trot depicts two (2) foxes dancing. All text is printed in German. The suites include:

I. Dances

II. Jazz Instruments

III. Instrumental virtuosos (Vossen, Kreuder, von Gerzy & Goodman)

IV. Hit Cities (Berlin, Paris, Broadway...

V. Far away lands

VI. Old Acquaintances (faithful Hussar, kissing a woman's hand, white lilac, my heart in Heidelberg)

VII. Peter Igelhoff (pianist with 4 songs) VIII. Peter Kreuder (pianist with 4 songs) IX. Bochmann-Plessow (2 songs each)

X. Grothe-Jary (composer with 2 compositions each

XI. The Beasts of Swing (Black Panther, Elephant and Mosquito, 3 small Monkeys, Kangaroo)

XII. Popular Tangos

4" x 2 3/4" heavy stock. Excellent.

Price: $650.00

Item #21012686