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Sex Education Booklets

United States: 1914-1964. A grouping of six (6) sex education booklets published between 1914 and 1964. Largely written for female readers, the majority address mothers as they navigate how to tell their children about sex, as well as new wives as they navigate the dynamic between sex and marriage. The second booklet (Armstrong, 1916) addresses pre-teens going through puberty. The booklets include:

Smith, Nellie. The Mother's Reply. New York: The Parents Association, Inc. 1914. 32 pp., stapled in original printed wrappers. A guide showing mothers how to answer questions about sex and gender from their children, using bird metaphors and emphasizing discreetness: "The whole story should never be told at one time unless the child draws it out by questions. The pamphlet is intended as a guide for the mother and is not to be placed directly in the hands of the child", p. 4.

Armstrong, Donald and Eunice. Sex in Life. New York: The Parents Association, Inc. 1916. 46 pp., stapled in original printed wrappers. Written for a young audience, it covers topics ranging from dressing appropriately ("Girls show less sense than boys about this", p. 15) to common myths ("Another lie is that a woman's sex desires are weaker than a man's", p. 37).

Towne, Elizabeth. Happiness and Marriage. Holyoke: The Elizabeth Towne Co., Inc. 1926. 78 pp. stapled in original printed wrappers. A guide to happiness in marriage: "Nobody wants a a burden-bearing, round-shouldered, wrinkled and fagged-out wife" (p. 13). ]

Taylor, Dr. M. Sayle. The Secret of Youth and Charm. Chicago: Hygienic Orificial Co., Inc. [1927]. 24 pp., stapled in original printed wrappers with original accompanying printed envelope. An overview of anatomy, hygiene, and healthy sexual habits: "Let me preface this discussion by saying that pure, unadulterated ignorance on the part of prospective husbands and wives is responsible for more marital strike, more female disorders, and more divorces than all other contributing causes", p. 10.

van Braam Barrett, Thomas. Love and Sex. Cincinnati: Forward Movement Publications, 1958. 19 pp., stapled in original printed wrappers. A no-nonsense guide to sex in American society that is surprisingly progressive for being written by a Chaplain.

Hymes, James L. How to Tell Your Child About Sex. New York: Public Affairs Pamphlets. 1964. 28 pp., in original printed wrappers. A booklet marketed towards parents, with instructions on how to discuss sex with their children. Very good to fine. Some light browning, rubbing.

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