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"Original Norwood Gypsy" Fortune Telling Game

There is at least one other fortune telling game from the 1840s called "The Norwood Gypsy"; that iteration is a card game produced by Rock, Brothers, and Payne of London. The most famous of the "Norwood Gypsies" was arguably Margaret Finch, who died at the age of 108 and whose name was synonymous with fortune telling and mysticism well after her death in the mid-eighteenth century.

[London?], England: 1840s. A hand-colored and visually striking fortune telling party game for young women called "The Original Norwood Gypsy", together with its original printed sheet of instructions: "When all the Company are assembled, then place the Wheel of Fortune on the Table, and each person must then come forward, having their eyes carefully covered with a Silk Handkerchief, and prick with a Pin, three times round the Circle, and whatever Picture with a number attached to it they prick in, you must refer to the same number below and your fortune will be revealed." Below the instructions is a list of 100 potential outcomes, including "This love is not lasting", "Beware of a secret enemy", and "He will acquire fame". Images on the print include playing cards, a beehive, a swan, keys and a crown, among many others; inside the center of the image is a depiction of a beautiful young lady. Hand-colored print measures 7.75" by 8.75", instructions sheet measures 10" by 7.5". Versos blank. Not in GARD. Fine; some light toning, letter folds.

Price: $600.00

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