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I. Dan Danziger

Poster - School or Work - Child Labor

Please see our catalogue for a fine Collection of National Child Labor Committee (NCLC) photographs of child labor | The collection or archive is comprised of approximately 980 unique images or narratives including 480 photographic prints in envelopes, many with negatives included and 330 negatives, plus an addition 27 larger format photographic prints and 140 descriptive caption cards without photographs. Additionally, there are two (2) printed Legends of Photographs relating to the Tiff mines. A majority of the photographic photos and negatives are captioned often extensive captions that describe the photo subjects, offering a detailed depiction of working and living conditions of many children--and adults--in the United States between 1936 and 1953, the majority in 1937-1938.

New York City: National Child Labor Committee, 1920s. A 22 3/4" x 32" printed in black and white. Illustrated by I. Dan Danziger. The illustration on the left is a crossroad for young teens - one leads to school and the other the factory. A billboard in the image reads "Help Wanted Children 14 to 16 years old Education Unnecessary Apply at Factory. The illustration is captioned SCHOOL OR WORK? Thousands of children leave school for work before they finished elementary school. The next image depicts two vignettes - the top a high school educated young man seated comfortably at a desk looking at want ads paying $80 a month start. The bottom half is the uneducated young man facing a HELP WANTED sign - Boy - Strong to handle boxes $8 per week. The illustration is captioned "FIVE YEARS LATER" There are better jobs for the boy who stayed in school than for the boy who went to work at 14 years. Presumably hung in schools. Reverse is blank. Measures 23" x 31 1/2" Well used. Edge chips.

Price: $550.00

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