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A Girl and Her Hair...A collection of 7 booklets relating to the importance of nice hair and loveliness

The booklets focus solely on the importance of outward appearances to the exclusion of all else.

Springfield MA: John H. Breck , Proctor & Gamble, etc. 1920s-1950s. A small collection of seven booklets stressing the importance of beautiful well coifed hair and how to accomplish it and general information on the secrets of loveliness and beauty on a budget. the publications were published by the makers of beauty products and a surprising soft soap (no pun intended) marketing approach. They include

A girl and her Hair...Proctor and Gamble. 1949. 32 pp. quarto. Topics include How to care for your hair, How to wear the hair with several examples by face shape, permanent wave and finally Hair manners, such as "combing your hair in public is one of the first ways to destroy charm", "Don't appear in public in pincurls" and "don't fiddle with your hair".

A girl and her hair...Proctor and Gamble. 1948. octavo. 13 pp. Includes hair anatomy, when brushing your hair is necessary, hair troubles with hard water, Pincurls and how to set them, Popular Hair-Does "fit to your face", Machine and non-machine permanents and the cause of hair problems. Each section incorporates the use of "Preen".

For Beautiful Hair Always use Breck Preparations. John H. Breck. 1929. 8pp foldout pamphlet discusses hair and care, the three stages of failing hair and how to correct it with Breck.

The Story of Beautiful Hair. John H. Breck. 1940. 37 pp. octavo. Prepared for the trade. Topics include individual specific treatments for a variety of hair conditions including Oily Dandruff and Over-bleached Hair. Additionally discusses permanent wave and Care of the beauticians hands. It concludes with information on an array of Breck products.

Scalp Treatment as a Medium of Relaxation. John H. Breck. 1942. 16 pp. octavo. It begins with a quote from Cicero "Long life is denied us; therefore let us do something to show that we have lived". Breck believes scalp treatments (including message) an effective way to relax. It includes testimonials spanning 40 years. Followed by a four step instruction on scalp message/treatment.

Secrets of Loveliness. Rawleighs. 1932. 31 pp. octavo. Major content includes care of skin, the art of make-up, blackheads and pimples, care of the hair, scalp message, shampooing and a wide array of conditions of the hair, keeping your hands youthful and luxurious bathing. Nicely illustrated with relevant color images from photographs of the products and black silhouettes.

Beauty on a Budget. 1957. Gillette. 16 pp. octavo. A similar format to the above including the anatomy of hair, Topknot troubles, to perm or not to perm, Spin Curls, Pin Curls, facial massage, Hair styles and how to pin them, About Face and A matter of make-up.

Largest piece 11" x 8 1/2" Good or better condition.

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