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The Wind of Privation or The Sun of Mercy? Radio Address by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Philadelphia, PA: American Friends Service Committee, [1940]. Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001) was an American author and aviator. However her and her husband, Charles Lindbergh, are perhaps most well-known as the parents of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr., a baby who in 1932 was kidnapped for ransom from their home and later murdered. The booklet is the transcript of a radio address given by Anne on December 24, 1940, on behalf of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC). The address was an appeal to America to help fund charity efforts to feed the citizens of Europe, who, by that time had been embroiled in WWII for little over a year. Anne argued for helping the civilians, particularly the women and children, not just in our allied countries, such as England and France, but also the people within the countries who had been conquered by Germany. She called this a "Christian duty", and furthermore, she argued against the notion that by feeding the citizens of the countries conquered by Germany, one was helping the enemy. She even took it one step further by stating that if American citizens didn't feed these people, and Germany did, Germany was more likely to win the hearts of the conquered citizens for no more than the cost of a loaf of bread. Anne was perhaps an unlikely choice for this address as it should be noted that Anne and her husband, Charles, had become enamored with Germany and Hitler, after they had moved to Europe to escape the media attention following the conclusions of the murder trial for their eldest son. The pair advocated for a US-Germany Non-Aggression Treaty and Anne published a short booklet in 1940 entitled "Wave of the Future" which argued for Fascism. The Roosevelt administration would call the booklet "the bible of every American Nazi, Fascist, Bundist and Appeaser." The couple did change their view points after the attack on Pearl Harbor. 5 pgs. Printed wrappers. Staple binding. OCLC 5 (Nov. 2020). Measures 9" x 6" Minor stains and missing surface litho on front. Staples rusted.

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