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The "G." Family of 6 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls with Elaborate array of clothing including Masquerade Attire

An exceptional and well executed group of paper dolls.

[1905]. The elaborate "G." family - a set of six (6) paper dolls with an extensive original watercolor wardrobe conceived by a very creative individual. Each doll is attired in undergarments, except for baby. Each doll also has a bathing costume. They include:

Unnamed Father - 6 costumes and 1 hat --including a clown suit.

Mother -Beatrice G. - 11 costumes - 4 hats and a bouquet of flowers --including Regal attire

Olivia G. age 10 years - 11 costumes - 9 hats --including Little Bo Peep with staff

Donald G. age 7 - 7 costumes - 3 hats --including a court jester.

David G. age 7 years - 7 costumes - 3 hats --including a devil costume.

Virginia G. age 1 year - 5 costumes - 7 hats and a muff --patriotic holiday outfit. Father is 8" tall.
:. Bo Peep staff has been repaired; else fine.

Price: $850.00

Item #202008671