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Tuition Receipt from Tuskaloosa Female College

Tuskaloosa Female College was one of four female colleges in Tuscaloosa, AL in the 1800s. It was organized by the Baptist denomination and established in 1835 under the name of The Athenaeum. The school had numerous financial struggles over the years, and in during one of these, in 1860, it was renamed the Tuskaloosa Female College. It remained open until 1908.

Tuscaloosa, AL: Tuskaloosa Female College, October 1, 1866. This item is a tuition receipt for Miss Mary J. Nelson dated October 1, 1806. It is specifically stated on the receipt that it is for "literary tuition" for one term, at the cost of $39. Payment for the tuition was paid on September 18, 1867, and on the back of the receipt is written, "Voucher No. 39". The receipt is very simple, with preprinted fill in sections for the name of the student, date, and fees. On the left side of the receipt in a decorative filigree box, there is text inside: "Tuskaloosa Female College. TERMS: - Cash in advance or satisfactory note." Note: The school spells Tuskaloosa with a 'k' but the city itself is spelled Tuscaloosa with a 'c'. Single sheet, one sided. Measures 7 1/4" x 7 3/4" General wear. Crease folds.

Price: $50.00

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