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San Luis Hot Sulphur Springs

San Luis Obispo, CA: San Luis Hot Sulphur Springs, [1907]. An promotional booklet for San Luis Hot Sulphur Springs which was operated by A. M. Smith. The booklet contains information about the resort and over twenty-five printed black and white photographs of the resort and surrounding area. The resort claimed that their water had healing properties. The water itself has a "volume of about 200,000 gallons every 24 hours and its temperature 110 degrees Fahrenheit", and that curative properties of the water has helped those who have "suffered for years... thousands, in fact, have been saved from lives of absolute torture, by bathing in and drinking of these wonderful waters." The spa was open year around and claimed that their "prices [were] not extortionate" as it is "a lot cheaper to spend a few weeks at San Luis Ho Sulphur Springs than to be sick half the year." The booklet provides information on the resort itself, the rates, surrounding country, directions on how to get there by train, climate, bath facilities, cuisine, activities provided (like sports) and testimonials of past guests. The first and last page have information on special rates, printed in red, along with an illustrated map of San Luis Obispo. The front cover has a lino cut, two tone print, in black and orange, of the California coast. Hot springs were found in San Luis Obispo in 1886 when prospectors were drilling for oil, but instead found mineral water. It appears as though some sort of resort has existed in the town since then. Currently a there is a resort called Sycamore Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, which on its website claims that a spa has existed on their property since mineral water was discovered in 1886. Whether the Sycamore Mineral Springs is located on the same spot as San Luis Hot Sulphur Springs is unknown. Newspaper advertisements show the San Luis Hot Sulphur Springs was in business from the late 1890s till the mid 1910s at least. 28 pgs. Illustrated maroon wrappers. Note: While the testimonials in the booklet date from 1903, the booklet states that the resort has been in operation for twenty years. As such, since the springs were discovered in 1886, the booklet dates to circa 1906-1907. Staple binding. OCLC 3 (August 2020). Measures 6 3/4" x 5" General wear. Staples are rusted.

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