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Clark Mellid ?

Foot, Foot, Foot, Foot, Foot ... Skeletal System Notes of the Leg and Foot by Clark Mellid ?, March 1888

March 1888. A wonderfully detailed notebook which features notes on the skeletal system of the leg and foot, including all of their bones, cartilages, and ligaments that support and give shape to the body structures. The notes are legible, though not easily understood, unless one is familiar with the skeletal system. "The two facets of the calcaneum [Latin form of calcaneus] are also seperated [sic] by a grove traversely [sic, transversely] oblique, it follows therefore that when the astragalus [another name for the talus or ankle bone] is in its place the grove astragalus and the calcaneum meet as a concavity forming a tunnel which may be seen opening outward upon the skeleton of foot which is called the cavity of the tarsus." The notebook also features five detailed, hand drawn ink skeletal anatomical diagrams of the bones of the foot and leg. Each bone in the diagrams are number, and correspond to a list of the names of the bones. The covers features red accents, with a star in the center. In between each point of the star has been written either 'Foot' or 'Feet'. 32 pgs. Completely filled. Measures 5 1/4" x 3 1/2" Edge wear, toning and soiling, due to age. Most if not all interior pages are detached from the binding, as such it is unclear if any pages are missing.

Price: $150.00

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