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Women And the War

London, England: Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, Dec-14. A leaflet produced at the start of WWI by the Britain's Parliamentary Recruiting Committee. When this was printed, Britain was still fighting with an all volunteer force, and was clearly attempting to guilt women into pressuring the men in their lives to volunteer. It starts off by stating that there are a large number of men who want to fight but "have been held back by their women folk", and that while it is understandable that women don't want to see those that are dear to them "march away to the post of danger", the only reason they don't allow it is because they don't understand the danger Britain is in. The leaflet then does a bit of fear mongering, telling the reader about the "towns and villages [in Belgium that] have been destroyed by fire and sword, women and children outraged and killed, mothers separated from their children, and wives from their husbands, not knowing whether they are dead or alive; those who have not been outraged and murdered being driven out to wander homeless and hungry... Do our women folk wish to share the unhappy fate of the Belgian women? Do they wish to see their children slaughtered, their cottages burnt, everything they hold dear ruined and made desolate, as has happened in Belgium? To that there can only be answer -- NO!" The leaflet continues on in much the same vein, stressing that "women must realize this" and that the war is essentially for their own good and safety, so even though they might worry for their menfolk, they should "urge your men to respond to the call", but more specially that Britain has enough sailors and really need "sturdy soldiers to take their places in the living wall of brave men who are helping to protect our Country." The leaflet itself is a double sided single sheet of paper entitled, "Women and the War". At the top of the front page, printed in blue is the number "704953". At the base of the back page, there is information on the printer, "Jas. Truscott and Son, LTD, Suffolk Lane, EC." as well as what appears to be information on the leaflet itself, "94421.) Wt. 8789-173 250,000 12/14, Leaflet No. 23" Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/4" General wear. Small tears along edge and one internal tear (was caused by by my removing the post it... not sure how to describe it) by the title.

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