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The Story of the Isle of Shoals, A Scrap Book by Carleton P. Small, circa 1941-1946

Carleton Potter Small was born on October 31, 1902 to Dr. Richard Dresser Small (1872-1937) and Grace F. Potter (1878-1962) in Portland, ME. Carleton was a Unitarian, and was a heavily involved in his local church, the First Parish Church of Portland, acting as an editor for the local church's publication, and even publishing a few books about and/or for the church. He was also extremely interested in history and was an active member of the Colonial Wars Society in Portland, ME. He died on March 14, 1972.

The Shoal islands were settled in the early 17th century by fisherman, and grew into moderate fishing ports until the start of the American Revolutionary War when their populations were ordered to evacuate. Afterwards islands remained sparsely populated until the mid to late 19th century when hoteliers became interested, and the island became known for their ‘artist retreats’. In 1896 Thomas and Lilla Elliot built Shoals Summer Meeting Association on Star Island as a summer conference center. It was bought by the Star Island Corporation who still run the summer conferences there today.

Boston, MA: Beacon Press, Inc., 1936. The scrapbook is actually a copy of “The Story of the Isles of Shoals : an address first delivered on Star Island, July 15, 1916, upon the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Unitarian summer meetings and repeated on the thirtieth anniversary in 1926 ; rewritten and delivered on the fortieth anniversary, July 26, 1936”, that Carleton P. Small has filled with all of his mementos relating to Star Island, NH. Star Island is a part of the group of islands known as the Isles of Shoals located along the coast between Maine and New Hampshire. The book “The Story of the Isle of Shoals” provides a history of the island dating back to its settling in the early 17th century by fisherman. Small uses this book as scrapbook by taping in a variety of pieces of ephemera, photographs, newspaper clippings, and postcards. All of these items were taped into the book so that they could be flipped upwards and one could still read the text beneath. It is unclear if Small himself ever actually traveled to Star Island or was just researching the history of it. However, his mother, Grace, appears to have spent time there in July 1946, and sent him some postcards, as such she could have provided him with some of the photographs and other ephemera. What is clear is that Small was extremely interested in history, and the island’s history in particular. There are numerous hand written notes regarding the history of the island, particularly individual settlers. These notes are sometimes written directly on the page, however more often are taped in on separate pages. Some of his notes appear to be copies from historical primary sources are seem to be quotes either from financial transactions or letters/diaries. All total the scrap book includes: thirteen (13) photographs (3 are printed photographs), six (6) postcards of which three (3) are used and sent to Small by his mother, nine (9) handwritten historical notes, and nine (9) pieces of ephemera relating to Star Island. Some examples of the ephemera are: a hand drawn map of the Isle of Shoals, the brochure for the General Alliance Week July 19 – 29, 1941 at Star Island, a 1946 Consolidated Scheduled Boston to Gosport Ferry, the brochure & application for The All Stare Conference for All the Family June 29 to July 6, 1946, the brochure & application for the Fiftieth Anniversary Conference Isles of Shoals Unitarian Association July 20-27, and a 1944 newspaper clipping entitled “Death Stalks the Isle of Shoals” about several ax murders that occurred in 1872 there. 47 pgs. Green printed wrappers. OCLC 9 (Jan. 2020). Scrapbook - unique. Approximately thirty-seven (37) pieces added with additionally annotations throughout. Measures 9” x 6”

To view this item please click on the following link: General wear. Tape used has yellowed. One item is detached, though it appears to have never been attached. A few interior pages are loose but still attached.

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