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Jimmy Chew: A Dental Health Book Designed to Help Children to Take Better Care of Their Teeth

Chicago, IL: Good Teeth Council for Children, INC, 1940. 31 pp. booklet aimed at encouraging primary grade age children to take care of their teeth. The story and the character of Jimmy Chew, a sixth year molar, are based on the Toothland Puppet Show. The booklet starts with a young boy named Fred going to the dentist, and the dentist telling Fred a story of how to take care of his new molar. The story centers around the "Big Four", which are: 1) Right Food, 2) Chewing Exercises 3) Clean Teeth, and 4) Your Dentist. The black and white illustrations in the booklet are supposedly the ones the dentist is drawing to engage Fred, and all told there are nine (9) illustrations as well as two (2) black and white printed photographs of the Toothland Puppet Show. At the end there is an additional short story of Sammy Grinder (a decayed tooth that belonged to a boy named Ed), additional questions for teachers or parents to ask their students/children, and Jimmy Chew's Favorite Song. Orange printed wrappers. Staple Binding. 9th Edition. OCLC 0 (Oct. 2020, other edition are in OCLC). Measures 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" General wear.

Price: $75.00

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