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The American Proportional Representation League

[Maywood, IL]: [1894]. A brochure printed by the Proportional Representation League, whose goal was to promote proportional representation within American. The brochure starts off with providing information on the last two congressional elections of 1892 and 1894, and states that, due to their outcome, "the official vote in two national elections, when there were no serious charges of fraud or corruption, that two minority parties secured enormous majorities in the House of Representatives. The reason for this lies, not in the cunning or dishonesty of either party, but in the principle upon which the system is based." It continues on to provided a proposed bill to "Establish a System of Proportional Representation in Cities". The Proportional Representation League was founded at the Memorial Art Institute of Chicago at the World's Colombian Exposition on August 10-12, 1893. Prominent members included Gov. (RI) Lucius F. C. Garvin, Judge Albert Branson Maris and a labor reformer named John R. Commons. 8 pgs. Including printed wrappers. Staple binding. OCLC 3 (Dec. 2020). General wear. Rust from staples, with partial detachment from staples.

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