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Burros - Diecut Shape Book

United States: H.H. Tammen, 1903. "Burros" is an endlessly charming book of "sixty-four cute, curious and interesting burro pictures", die-cut into the shape of a donkey's head. The burro, according to the introduction, is "a constant joy"; this sentiment is evident from each of the photos and their subtitles which include the burros' names or funny captions such as "Come up, Donker" (under a photo of a toddler leading a donkey) or "Ain't We Sweet?". There are several notable photos from a historical and social perspective, including: a photo showing a donkey carrying supplies next to a train, captioned "The Old Way and the New"; a photo of donkeys captioned "We Belong to the Union"; a photo showing several "Moqui Indian Children" riding a pair of burros; several photos showing Mexican burros, including one with a Spanish translation for White readers ("Water Carrier - Aguadore"); and a photo showing a young Black boy on a burro, and using a mock "Blaccent" in its caption ("I's gwine to Pikes Peak"). Though produced for a White audience, the book nonetheless shows how a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds relied heavily on burros in everyday life in the American Southwest c.1900. A valuable window into life. Measures approx. 9.75" by 7", pp. [32] with in-text photo illustrations. Very good. Minor toning, dust soiling, one or two spots or stains. A couple nicks to wrappers.

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