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How to use this price list: The alphabetical list includes prices for each individual doll, envelope, price per dress or hat or other paper toy item for the listed doll. e.g. the Adelaide doll is $75,the envelope is $45, each dress (except the bride dress) is $22, each hat is $20 and the bride dressis $45.  The final column on the right is the page number for the illustration of the doll in Those Fascinating Paper Dolls, An Illustrated Handbook for Collectors by Marian B. Howard. 

Complete the order form using the following guidelines:
To identify individual costumes or hats for a particular doll turn to the page in Howard noted on the grid and begin counting from the upper left corner, continue counting from the left to right by row. 
  • If you were to place an order for
    • Paper Doll Name - American Lady with Something to Wear
    • Page No. - 60
    • Location - second row
    • Item(s) - second hat and third costume
You would receive the items outlined in red below:

Once we receive your order and verify that the requested items are available we will send you an invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: not all items are available, but should you request an item not in stock, we will advise you when it is available.
San Francisco International Book Fair 2013
  Manuscript Travel Log in the form of a Letter Illustrated with Photographs and Images from Photographs – Worth-while Days, La Jolla CA 1910
A 24 page manuscript describing an outing three gentleman friends took  in the spring of 1910 to “the mountains of California”  in the southern most areas of California and into Mexico.  Written in prose, the narrative describes the gentleman as the Bishop, the Miner and the Banker, each with their own roles.  
The purpose of the journey was to do a bit of searching for gold and precious stones, as a result of a previous excursion taken by the Banker resulting in the discovery of gold which was assayed at eighty-three cents of gold to the ton.  The narrative provides an informed description of the environs, various lodgings, accountants and sights of interest along the way.   The text is augmented with the insertion of both photographs “snapped with the Kodak” and images from photographs.    The trek began in La Jolla  through San Diego and then eastward on Le Mesa boulevard, describing the abundant orchards and ranches along the way.   It describes a route along the first plateau back from the ocean, then a dip through Spring Valley, over the Sweetwater river through Jamacho, the Steele Canyon and up to Jamul at 1040 feet above sea level.   It continues to describe the route in the same degree of detail noting points of interest and the people they visited including F. J. Clark,  near Honey Springs Ranch near the Dulzura Post Office. This continues on through the Bee Valley describing the abundance of bees in what was considered the “bee’s Paradise”.   The first night’s lodging was at the Campo Hotel, which includes a description of the facility.  In passing the Customs Office for Campo the narrative turns to the Immigrant Inspector’s office and the consequences for crossing at the wrong station and the problem with “unlawful smuggling of Chinese across the border from Mexico”.  
The journal follows a map drawn by the Banker and is referenced throughout.  It then describes the giant boulders of where the gold was found.  They are lodging with a loner who runs a camp for travelers, again described with observant detail.   The trek now crosses the Mexican border to a little Indian village taking a picture of a village hut, as the inhabitants refused to be photographed.   In the Indian village they purchased some “hyacinth” rocks, followed by a description of the gem and its properties. They were allowed to visit the interior of one of the homes.  When asking about “oro” and “yema” (gold and gems) they received a prompt reply of “no sabe” –accompanied by a knowing grin.  Upon arriving in Mexico the vehicle was left behind, as the roads were too sandy to navigate.  They returned the three miles to their car on foot.  There were discussions about the “Great American Desert”  or “a dry and barren waste” and the need for a man to possess a gizzard should he wish to live there..  They moved on to Mexicali and on to visit another acquaintance They return to their lodging at “Oak Knoll”.  They describe the scenery and additional Indian villages, they photo a ruin of an old adobe house, they traverse the area through the “superbly beautiful” El Cajon Valley and view the estate of Mme. Schumann-Heink, the celebrated singer and that of Mme. Teresa Carreno, the noted musician.   The final night is spent at the El Cajon hotel.  So what became of the gold mine? The miner would reply “Well, we’re not saying much about it, but…” Ask the Judge and hew would say “Gold? Shy surely golden hours of sunshine, golden days of delight… Ask the Bishop and he would reply “The dream is ended; the Argonautic expedition is over and Jason sails no more after the Golden Fleece”     Signed  Arthur G. Merriam.
Measures 8” x 10” with center letter fold.  Legible penmanship and excellent composition.

22023 $425.00

TITLE Elaborately embossed Native American copper colored statue on front cover.
21 Page Concertina-style Exquisite Folded and Cut Paper Artwork Book created by Denis l’Hoest  1925,  etablissement des dames de l'Instruction Chretienne  (establishment of the ladies of the Christian Instruction)
Kindergarten Art book with elaborate examples of folding, weaving, stitching and application weaving.  The first page is a chromolithograph of the King of Kings with  intricate paper weavings.  This is followed by a stitched frame surrounding an photograph of presumably the creator of this book and Denis l’Hoest  1925,  etablissement des dames de l'Instruction Chretienne  (establishment of the ladies of the Christian Instruction).The next section, the folded paper is quite elaborate and enhanced with Victorian scraps, these is followed by fine examples of weavings and stitching.  The section on application weavings includes a three-dimensional basket.  All trimmed with Dresden stars.    Measures 12 ½” x 9 ½”.   Condition: light cover wear otherwise fine.
A girl’s boarding school founded in 1838 by the Congregation of the Sisters " Ladies of Christian Instruction of Ghent . " This religious congregation had only function as teaching. That's why she created several schools: first at Ghent, then Bruges, Antwerp and then finally Liège.
23001 $1500.00
Sand Toy - Mechanical Man and Dog Dance to Fiddle and Banjo.  Gerard Camagni, 1850-60
Sand toy comprised of viewing box made of cardboard with a glass window. A sand toy mechanism fronted by a hand finished lithograph interior scene with a man playing the fiddle, another plays the banjo and a man and a boy dance.  Each moves when the mechanism is employed.  The background depicts a fireplace with mantle and a squirrel playing the violin. The box is covered with black tape and around the edge of the glass with embossed gold paper. Instructions on use printed on reverse in English, German and French.  Measures 9” x 7”. Retaped.
23000-205 $1,850.00
A Child’s Book titled “Famous Buildings and Statues of the World” Hand Penned and Illustrated
David Stewart’s Period 1, Art project with twelve (12) original watercolors and manuscript narrative. Each illustration depicts a famous building or statue accompanied by his interpretation of supporting facts.  Images include The Liberty Bell, The Eiffel Tower, Independence Hall, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Niagara Falls, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Big Ben,  Sphinx, Washington Monument, The Alamo, Pyramids  and finally the Statue of Liberty.  The illustrations are naïve yet accurate in detail.   When describing the pyramids he writes “Each ruler had many of his treasures buried with hime so that in the afterworld, his spirit could enjoy them”.   Most likely completed by a fifth or sixth grader.  Measures 8 ¾” x 12 ¼”.  Glue stains on inside cover margins  and toning throughout.
The instructor was a bit touch on grading as this project merited a 78.  We have a similar book most likely completed by his brother.
22025 $375.00
A Child’s Book titled “The Animal Book” Hand Penned and Illustrated
William Stewart’s art project with five (5)  original watercolors and manuscript narrative. Each illustration depicts a a different animal  The illustrations are a bit naïve yet quite expressive.  The animals include Cottontail Rabbit, Tiger, Woodchuck, Arctic Fox, ant the Ocelot.  When describing the Eastern Cottontail he writes “The babies are naked and helpless when they are born, but within 2 weeks they are large enough to hop about”.   As to the Woodchuck he concludes with “Farm boys generally kill Woodchucks on sight.  Although seldom eaten, they are really excellent”. Most likely completed by a fifth or sixth grader.  Measures 8 ¾” x 12 ¼”.  Glue stains on inside cover margins  and toning throughout.   The instructor believed this book merited a grade of 87.
22025 $425.00
Manuscript Travel Log in the form of a Letter Illustrated with Photographs and Images from Photographs – Various Travels in areas surrounding La Jolla CA 1911
Photos of “Idle Hours” and “El Paredon” cottages on La Jolla coast, his new Chalmers runabout.  Describes sidetrips of a luncheon at Lakeside Hotel, and spending the night at Witch Creek.  A trip to Mesa Grands spending the night in a tent at “Cereza Loma” (Cherry Hill).  Motoring to Warner Hot Springs and bathing in sulphurous hell-fire water and sleeping in an old Indian adobe house includes photographs, photo and picture postcards, photos of sulphur “paint pots”.  Describes the communal metates on ledges where the Indian women formerly pounded and ground their acorn meal.  A visit to “Dietrich’s Ranch” and description of the seven-mile drive he constructed around the ranch.  Cuyamaca Lake where they stayed at a hotel “The half-bread proprietor of the hotel andhis wife are the parents of sixteen children, several of whom and some grandchildren were present.  That home should be named The Human Incubator”.   Killing of a rattle snake who’s skin now adorns “El Paredon”.  A stay at the Glenwood Mission Inn,  where they enjoyed a taste of luxury is represented by a menu and three photographs of the interior.   Additional references to killing rattle snakes and a collection of skins.
A description of a back country trip that left La Jolla passed through Mairamr, Fanita Ranch, Lakeside, up Mussey’s Grade through Ramona then from Santa Maria Valley.  It describes Ha-salschi Falls in Ha-que-tup Canyon.  Then to the Davis’ ranch “Cereza Loma” got a tent – a picture of a San Diego cowgirl on horseback Mr. Edward H. Davis, proprietor of Cereza Loma Ranch a white man but by adoption a chief of the Mesa Grande Indians.   Describes the man’s interests in all things Indian and an offering of $25,000 for his relics and shared experiences.   Indepth explanation of the ranch produce, etc.   includes  Warner Hot Springs and oak-studded, velvety hills.  Photograph with a Native American woman who displays a fine large basket she used for her babies.  Photograph of a little mission chapel.  
An excursion to “Camp Powam” lcated on Cereza Loma and a typical forty-niner and desert prospector.  They discussed a hayride organized for a group of campers to the camp at Mesa Grande to witness Indian ceremonial “Death Dance”.  He then describes the ceremony.  And includes various images, some photographic images and a photograph.  
22023 $525.00

C1937 Scrapbook from Santa Fe NM Featuring Adobe Notes,  Cards from Willard Clark and Olive Grove, Native American Ceremonial photographs, picture postcards and newspaper clipping on the Arts, Architectures and Culture and the Santa Fe Plaza,  Weekly Magazine
An unpaginated scrap album measuring 10” x 13 ¼” amassed by someone with a keen interest in art, architecture and the culture of Santa Fe NM in the late 1930s.  Numerous newspaper clipping on the arts, Native Americans, exhibitions, association on Indian Affairs.  A personal greeting card from Olive Rush and more plus a signed woodcut by Willard Clark.  Poetry Clipping.  The 1930 publication Adobe Notes or How to Keep the Weather Out with Just Plain Mud.  Set down in Prose and Linoleum by Kate & D.N.S.  The Laughing Horse Press, Taos, N.M. 1930.   Over 50 snapshots of various identified Native American ceremonial dances, approximately 30 color postcards and more.   Tucked in the back are The Santa Fe Plaza Vol. 1, No. 1 and No. 2 from August 1937.
22017   $425.00
Handmade Book –Typescript with Watercolor Pen and Ink Illustrations – Saga of the Roaring Road, P.A. Brown, Author, Editor and Publisher, 1957.  Volume 1 Number 1.
A self-published and made original art book  comprised of 16 pp.  Includes a full page illustration on the cover depicting mountainous winding road being traversed by roaring racers with a red car in the lead.  Four additional in-text illustrations relating to the support captioned “Winsom Hollow has a Celebration”, “A Flying Start”, “Throwing Caution to the Winds’, and “Finish!”  Each illustration signed.  Includes dedication page and closing disclaimer.  Measures 5 ¾” x 9”.  Condition: excellent.
22007 $475.00
A Collection of Fifteen (15) Different Victorian Motto Cards, Each with a Different Proverb including many type faces and illustrations.  1840s-1880s.  
21017 $150.00
My Own Little Library, No. 3. Shade and Sunshine.  Brown, Taggard and Chase, Boston, 1859.
A 15 pp. with blue coated paper wraps.  Illustrated frontispiece depicts young girl lounging in the woods daydreaming. Charming woodcut of Cupid at the Clerk’s Office entering the book according to Act of Congress.  Two (2) in-text woodcuts and full page woodcut last page.   Measures 2 ¾” x 3 ½”.  Light edge wear.  One of six books.
22027 $35.00
New-Year’s Gift.  Published by S. Wood & Sons, New York and Samuel S. Wood & Co. Baltimore. 1819.  Alphabet or ABC book
28 pp. with wallpaper wrapper.  An alphabet book with a Biblical verse and woodcut for each letter and relevant imagery.  Measures 2 ½” x 4”. Well-read with wear and toning.
22027 $65.00
These Blooming Friends; a Little Book of Garden Scandal by L. Young Correthers.  Copyright 1934.  E. P. Wilson Co. San Diego.
An unpaginated booklet in paper wrapper. Each paper a rhyming verse on a different flower.   Contents includes Fox-glove, Dandelions, Bouncing Bet, Black-eyed Susan, The Cactus, The Moon-flower and much, much more.
22017 $35.00

Fine Trinket Box with Delicate Cutwork Under Glass – Naïve Alter boy with a Cross among the Flowering Trees, Vines and Shrubs.  Straw decorated exterior.  Paper decorated interior.
23001 $450.00

The Girl in the Abstract Bed, Tobias Schneebaum and Vance Bourjaily.  Tiber Press.  New York City. 1954.  
A large folio with title page and thirteen (13) silk screen prints by Tobias Schneebaum tipped on to heavy card stock with printed text by Vance Bourjaily at base.   Housed in red folio. No. 250 of 1500.  Not signed.  Vibrantly colored abstract illustrations.  Measures 11” x 17”.  Age toning on card stock.  Repair on reverse of folio.
22025 $350.00
Ride a Cock Horse to Banbury Cross.  No. 637 c1896.  Ernest Nister London. E. P. Dutton N.Y.  

Pictorial coverd boards. 20 pp.  Cover illustration by E. S. Hardy.   Includes three (3) double-page color pop scenes; illustrated by Ada Dennis and G. H. Thompson.  Verses by L. L. Weedon and Constance Milman.  Scenes include
• Ring – a Roses
• Holiday Time
• The Cats’ Band

Measures 7” x 8”.  

23000-201 $600.00

An Autograph Album of a Young American Communist 1940-1944

Between 1940 and 1944, a West Virginia girl named Agnes Jean collected 34 autographs at Camp Wo-Chi-Ca, a camp for workers’ children sponsored by the International Workers Order, a left-wing insurance plan that began in the pre-World War II period until it was forced out of existence by “McCarthyite” forces during the height of the Cold War.

Many artists and political figures lectured and performed at the camp and provided the autographs Agnes Jean collected.  Agnes Jean’s last name was not found in the album. Her collection includes signatures and inscriptions from:

• ELLA REEVE BLOOR. (1862-1951). Also known as Mother Bloor.  Radical labor organizer, socialist, and communist.
• ELIZABETH GURLEY FLYNN ((1890-1964).  Labor leader, activist and feminist who played a leading role in the IWW.  A founding member of the ACLU.  Proponent of women’s rights, birth control and woman’s suffrage.  Chairperson of the American Communist Party.  Given a state funeral in Moscow.
• WILLIAM Z. FOSTER.  (1881-1961). General Secretary of the American Communist Party and trade union leader.  Candidate for President.
• LOGAN BURKHART.  Electrical workers union organizer.
• JAMES ALLANDER.  Communist candidate for U.S. Senator from Colorado (1930).
• CHARLES GWYNN.  Communist Party Chairman for Western Pennsylvania.
• LENA DAVIS. Politburo member and New Jersey district organizer of Communist Party.
• MORRIS SCHINDLER. Member of the National Executive Committee.
• G. P.  BUSH.  Delegate from New York to the 1904 convention of the Socialist Party of America.
• JACK JOHNSTONE.  Communist candidate for U.S. Representative from New York.  Head of trade union department of US Communist Party.
• MILTON HOWARD.  Editor: Masses & Mainstream.
• WILLIAM K. PATTERSON (1891-1980).  Leader of Communist Party USA and head of International Labor Defense.  
• LOUISE THOMPSON PATTERSON. Wife of WKP.  Participant in Harlem Renaissance.
• CHARLES WILBERT WHITE (?).  Social realist painter. Muralist.
• VITO MARCANTONIO (1902-1984).  New York Congressman.
• ROCKWELL KENT. Illustrator.
• PAUL ROBESON.  Entertainer.

The following names are unidentified:

G.P., Dave Grant, Dave Miller, Joseph Barron, F. Haug, Joan Powers, Rena, Rebecca Gechs, J. Benton, Pauline Chandler, Margo Frazier, Vincent Kemenovich, Owen A. Knox, Paul Rivers, Lil Waldman.  

Many of the inscriptions are remarkably evocative of the aspirations of young American Communists prior to World War Two:  “To Agnes: A girl of tomorrow, for ours is a new world yet to be born -- our effort guarantees the future without bosses or exploiters.”  
“May you live to see the struggle of the workers of America and the world realized.”  “I see a hammer sun by day and a sickle moon by night shining on the workers and farmers of America.”  To Agnes Jean with all good wished, that in her time she will see a happy, peaceful, and prosperous America, under Socialism.

Wo-Chi-Ca stood for Workers Children’s Camp and it operated in New Jersey. It stressed cooperation and sharing among the races and was fully integrated at a time when this was a rarity.  The gold-stamped, green leatherette book measures 6 ¼” x 5 ¼”. Clasp lacking.

23000-107 $1,850.00
1869 Valedictory Address of Toland Medical College, by L.C. Lane Professor of Anatomy.  Published at the Request of the Class; Spears & Co. San Francisco. 1869.
An 18 pp pamphlet with paper wraps.  An address to the Gentleman of the Graduating Class.  Measures 5 ¾” x 8 ¼”. Condition: excellent
23001 $175.00
An excerpt from UCSF website:
San Francisco’s First Medical Schools
In 1858 California surgeon Elias Samuel Cooper organized the Medical Department of the University of the Pacific with a board of trustees consisting of ten clergymen and three physicians. The first session opened in May 1859, with a class of ten attending lectures in materia medica, chemistry, physiology, anatomy and medical jurisprudence. Dr. Cooper's death in 1862 brought confusion to the new school, and in 1864 the Pacific Medical faculty "suspended" activities and joined Dr. Hugh Toland in his efforts to found a viable medical school in San Francisco.

As San Francisco's population continued to grow, Hugh Toland's influence and wealth also increased, earning an estimated $40,000 per year. In 1864, he decided to establish a medical school in San Francisco and purchased land for that purpose in North Beach, at Stockton and Francisco, opposite the San Francisco City and County Hospital. A handsome building was soon completed, and Toland Medical College was open for enrolment. Clinical instruction and dissecting experience were the centerpieces of Toland's educational program, reflecting his training and experience in Parisian hospitals where clinical findings were carefully correlated with autopsy results.
A set of sixteen (16) four piece Portrait Puzzles, perhaps a metamorphic set or a Portrait Sammlung of actors in costume c1850s
Each of the 4 ¾” x 6 ¼” four-part lithograph cards is hand finished with watercolor enhancements.  Each section of the card is numbered corresponding to that card.  The base of each card has a black and white dressed anthropomorphic character that is either happy or sad with a corresponding neck medallion.  Printed on heavy stock with patterned applied litho on reverse. Uncertain as to origin, appears English or French.  Housed in wooden box, not original to set.
23000-205 $700.00
La Pratique (The Practice)  –Total Health Conscious Woman uses her wonderful serviettes periodic belts
French advertising post card promotes the use of sanitary belts c1905.
23001 $80.00

A collection of mixed media anthropomorphic tongue-in-cheek animal paper dolls with additional costumes created by Otis Kidwell Burger, Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer, c1970.
The animals are constructed of heavy card stock and the costumes of paper. The largest is the Great Blue Whale at 6” long.  Animals include
• Mr. Toad: Lunch on the Run
• Great Blue Whale and it’s costume titled Pour Le Sport
• Mr. Penguin without costume
• A pincer with a Bulldog Mask
• Mole: sand-hog gear
• Two (2) terrapin costumes without terrapin
• A leopard with two (2) costumes Bicentennial Leopard and Can a Leopard Change His Spots?
• A fish with a puffer costume and tetra costume
• Lowly caterpillar: Evening Clothes (butterfly wings)
• Two (2) cats with interlocking tails with one (1) jellicle cat costume
• L. Tiger: with Evening clothes (striped outfit)
• Thos. L. Peacock: with Evening clothes (peacock feather spread)

22026 $425.00

1838 Gentleman’s Pocket Album with Hair & Ribbon Remembrances 1866 -1870
A 2 ¾” x 4” gentleman’s leather covered pocket album.  Attached to the first page is a purple ribbon captioned “Ribbon off of grandma’s cap”.  The next page has an entry for a September 29th 1838 visit to Fort Griswold and Groton Monument.  A majority of the album is blank but concludes with captioned family remembrance hair rings and ribbons.  The first entry is “Died June 10th, 1866, Aged 79 years, 4 mo. 21 days.”  Accompanied by an aged plait with a white silk ribbon.  The next page with two different locks with black ribbons and a verse.  A few pages later the chronicler, identified as “father Rowley” at the beginning of the album, begins including entries of the name, birth years and ages to accompany the ribboned hair.   The book concludes with several pages of rhyming verse and musings.
22017                                                                                                                          $350.00
Six Friendship Remember Me Tokens – Papers with Hair Weavings and Handmade Folio 1880s
Five (5) friendship tokens or remembrances with woven hair.  Each with two to five rows of an individual’s hair woven in a slip of paper with identification at the base.  The sixth slip with plaits stitched in place.  All found in dear 1 ¾” x 2 ¾” handmade folio with marbled paper exterior, silk interior and hand-stitched border.
22023                                                                                                                          $475.00

From the Lantz-Zock Family, Lancaster Co. PA  c1860s – Hair Mementos
      The first grouping are three 3 1/8” x 1 ¾” embossed coated stock cards, each with a plaited hair wreath tied at the base with a white silk ribbon.  Marked Salome Detweiler 1863, Barbara Detweiler 1863 and Mary Trook 1861.  Reverse is blank.  Condition: overall excellent.   Price $250.
         A 4 ½” x 2” punch or perforated paper sampler with two plaited hair wreaths with red yarn intertwined.   “JC” is cross-stitched in one and “CG” in the other.  The year 1868 at center.   Condition: no dropped/missed stitches.  Small area of light discoloration at base.  Price $60.
A 4 ½” x 2 ½” punch or perforated paper sampler with the plaited wreaths.  “C L”   “ L L “ stitched at base.  Condition: overall fine.  Note the needle is still attached to the pink yarn on reverse. Price $50.
La Pratique (The Practice)  –Total Health Conscious Woman uses her wonderful serviettes periodic belts
French advertising post card promotes the use of sanitary belts c1905.
23001 $80.00

A Cut and Folded Paper Project or Instructional Book by Virginia Talbott, an elementary school teacher.

A 55 page composition book with works on both sides. They include instructions on cutting and folding paper with examples of shapes and sizes, types of folds, how to create various objects including various envelopes, cubes, a tent,  a house, windows,  a basket and handle, a bed, a chair, a dining room rug, table, dresser, candy box, tulips, umbrellas, canoe, Indian tents, lantern and hearts.  She also created cats und an umbrella, snow, pussy willow, six pointed stars, numerous crosses, examples of design elements and much more.   Measures 6 ¾” x 8”.
23000-101 $950.00

A series of Ten (10) Sheets of Original Art with Six (6) image per sheet for Der Regenbogen (the Rainbow), An Austrian weekly children’s magazine or newspaper, by Uriel Birnbaum, painter, caricaturist, writer and poet.  1926
Each 9” x 11 ½” sheet has six (6) images in pen and ink and watercolor. The six images appear to be the complete imagery for the story.  Each is signed by the artist. The series of illustrations are all related to nature either via the sea or jungle.  Characters include a spider, an eel, salamanders, flat fish,  sword fish, a starfish, octopus and sharks, chameleon,  an elephant and exotic birds.  Vibrant colors, well executed. The Austrian children’s weeklies were accused of depicting social democratic ideals.

23000-100 $28,000.00
Uriel Birnbaum (November 13, 1894, in Vienna − December 9, 1956, in Amersfoort, Netherlands) was an Austrian painter, caricaturist, writer and poet.  He was the youngest son of Nathan Birnbaum, a Jewish philosopher, and Rosa Korngut. Uriel Birnbaum whose father was a Jewish philosopher who coined the word "Zionism."  
Reportedly, his art education consisted of only one month at a Berlin art school in 1913 He was severely injured during World War I. He illustrated a number of books, including works of Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass (Alice im Spiegelglass, Vienna, 1923), and his own Weltuntergang[2] (1921) and provided the above described artwork for Der Regenbogen, an Austrian children’s weekly.  During the 1920s the Austrian children’s weeklies were accused of depicting social democratic ideals.

This Is My Life in the Second Grade, Robert Parsons 1959-1960
An unpaginated composition book demonstrating the amazing developmental progress of a second grader over the course of a school year.  It also represents a  view of life through the eyes of a second grader.   The book begins in September with printing and extremely naïve artwork.  By early October both printing and drawing are quite improved.  He begins receiving acknowledgement for “good writing”.  The notebook is interactive asking questions of his parents, who in turn reply in the book.  He discussed Fire Prevention Week, the Junior Red Cross.  By November the single sentence entries become paragraphs.  In January he is able to list the months of the year and begins participating in the Junior Red Cross.   He makes a mural about a tree with examples of its appearance by season. Leap Year and February holidays are articulated.  The class made a grocery store and discussed the Olympic winter games in Squaw Valley.  

In March he relays a tale of “nature played a trick on us.  When we found the little crocus outside our schoolroom window we thought spring had come.  Surprise!  We had another big snow and it covered the little crocus”.   In mid-March he begins cursive “wirting”(sp).  He writings become longer.  They begin writing in rhyming verse.   The book concludes with information on the last day of school and a science experiment including written names of chemicals such as Phenolphthalein Indicator, Sodium Ferrocyanide and more.  This is followed by a detailed hand written set of instructions on “The Magic Cloth”.
A bright young boy.  Measures 7 ½” x 9 ½”

23000-102 $775.00
Teresa Cline – Geometric Ink Pattern Drawings 1990s
Each 8” x 10” drawing demonstrates intricate designs,  completely filling each page with meticulous, repetitive abstractions that are characteristic of such traditional types of artistry as weaving, and pottery decoration—an impulse that found its most recent expression in the Pattern and Decoration Movement of the 1970s.  A child of her times, Cline’s drawings also reflect the flash of sixties psychedelia, the intricacies of automotive pin striping, and formal geometry of various kinds of Postmodern Art.   The colors are rich and deep with metallic enhancements.
23000-104 $375.00 each
Teresa Cline  aka “The Marble Lady,” was born in Hammond, Indiana in 1951.  She has worked as a medical courier in Ohio and now lives in Eastern Kentucky where she worked as vendor selling marbles in a flea market.
In 1997, Teresa developed a severe case of vertigo that prevented her from working outside the home.  At this time she started drawing compulsively, using a variety of pigmented ink markers to render complex, non-representational, geometric abstractions.  Prior to this time her only training in art came from her stepfather, who taught her how to color within the lines of drawings published in coloring books.  She is part Cherokee Indian and she believes her Native American sensitivity to the natural world influences what she draws.  

A Fine Lifetime Collection of Approximately 200 Valentines and Tokens of Love dating predominantly from 1830s to the 1850s.  
Housed in two large folio albums this collection contains the rare and the fine. Mostly in excellent condition with a few in Very Good.   The criteria for the collection were scarcity and condition.   Includes printed and original works.    Categories as established by the collector include Lithographs, Woodcuts,  Love Tokens, Watch papers, Hand Written Notes,  Miscellaneous Folk Art, Valentine Writers, Aquatints (Unrequited Love Series), Comics, Unmarked (maker unknown) categorized by size,  by publisher including Wood, Burke, Berlin & Jones, De La Rue, Addenbrooke, Howland, Kershaw, Meek, Dobbs, Dobbs-Kidd, Dobbs Bailey & Co., Mansell,  Whitney, J. Whatman, Windsor, Rimmel, and McLoughlin.  Upon reviewing the collection a few items of particular note include:
• Single Cobwebs
• Double Cobweb
• A trifle towards Housekeeping with an envelope including a small Dresden table setting
• A valentine with a friendship watch paper cartouche
• An elaborate handcolored lithograph valentine by B.F. Lloyd & Co. Edinburgh
• Lace paper valentine with Dresden Thermometer of Love
• Fine 4 ½” Dresden Bird with original wrapper by J. King, Valentine Maker
• Valentines with mirror cartouches 1 1
• An applied individually hand painted pasture scene as seen in Biedermeier friendship tokens
• Early American posts
• Elaborate Dresden floral cartouche
• A valentine with an applied pair of pants with message beneath
• Various valentine writers including the Trade’s Universal Valentine Writer and The Lady’s Own New Sentimental Valentine Writer by Turner & Fisher, NY
• An elaborate octavo with applied foliage and leaves, probably Mrs. Jonathan King
• A hand penned endless knot of love
• Two exception quarto double lace valentines with elaborate and extraordinary embellishment
• Octavos with Dresden baskets and wreaths
• Quarto embossed valentine with watercolor puzzle purse at center
• Elegant lace paper archway the opens to reveal Dresden ornamentation
• Folk art heart and hands with woven hearts of paper and hair
• Watercolor watch paper love tokens
• Sepia handcolored Sailor’s farewell
32000-301 $25,000.00

Unpublished Children’s book manuscript by the wife of Hungary’s first President.  “Jinx” with Six (6) Watercolor Illustrations c1940s-50s.
An unpublished manuscript acquired from the collection of a children’s book editor active in the 1940s to 50’s.  A 48 page corrected typescript of a book titled “JINX” along with 6 original hand-painted illustrations done b the author herself, the Countess Catherine Karolyi (1898-1985).  Laid in a homemade green paper binder with a piece of tan burlap affixed to the front.  A watercolor illustration by Karolyi is present but no longer affixed to the cover. Title page reads story and illustrations by Countess Catherine Karolyi; adaptation into English by Elizabeth Burrows Archer.  On the next page is the following note: “As Countess Karolyi was doing the illustrations in Paris while I was rewriting the story in Zurich there are several discrepancies between the illustrations and the text at the moment.  These are just a few sample illustrations.
The story of a miniature boy, no bigger at the age of 7 than a milk bottle.  He is given the nickname Jinx because of his bad luck.  Over 30 pages of the text have corrections in pencil, probably made by the translator.  His brothers constantly pick on him and his only friends are Mr. Mouse, Sir Anthony Prettytail – a caged swallow, and Mr. O’Muffin, a rag doll.  He runs away and on the way out frees Tony the Swallow from his cage.  He finds a badly beaten Mr. O’Muffin in need of help.  Jinx goes to Toyland to find help for his friend where he is given a passport on the Dolltown train.  The King of Toyland is gravely ill and in need of a magic medicine called Greenicillin.  Jinx goes to the Toyland pharmacist to buy some but finds it is only available in a place called “Leaf-land” whose location is unknown.  Jinx sees Doctor Fixitup to tell him about his wounded friend back in Man’s Land and the Doctor tells him about a magic growth medicine that the King uses once a year to grow in size and visit the world of Man’s Land.   Jinx sets out to find Leaf-land to procure some of the Greenicillin. so he may save the king and get the growth medicine in return.  
Jinx returns to his rag doll friend in the forest and Mr. O’Muffin tells him of a visit with Mr. Septimus Dew from a place called Leaf-land.  Located high in the branches of the tree.   Jinx hitches a ride up the tree from Mr. Snail to the top branch where Leaf-land lies.  He meets a Dr. Green who will give him his only bottle of Greenicillin if he slays the pesky Herr Creepy Caterpillar who keeps attaching Leaf-land.  With the help of Tony the swallow, Jinx defeats the creature in battle and becomes a hero in Leaf-land.  The doctor gives him the medicine and Jinx is flown back to the Palace by Tony, where he finds the King barely alive.  Jinx gives the medicine to the King’s seven (7) wise old doctors and soon the King is cured.  The grateful King gives Jinx the growth medicine and he returns home to his grieving family as a normal-sized boy.
The six (6) watercolor illustrations by Karolyi are well executed and mounted on grey craft paper.  The  illustration  include: the King in bed surrounded by his seven(7) doctors after he has taken the medicine; Jinx hiding under a tea cup; Jinx talking to the Toy land pharmacist; a portrait of Dr. Green in uniform; Herr Creepy Caterpillar attacking Leaf-land; and Jinx growing in size after taking the special medicine.  Condition-wise the text and illustrations are in very good shape with some light wear.  The green binder has significant wear and is separated at the spine.  The cover illustration is separated from the burlap and cover.  
No reference has been found
Her husband, Count Michael Karolyi, was elected President of the new Republic of Hungary, after World War I, but was eventually ousted by the Communists.  He and his wife spent the next 26 years living in exile in France and England.  The Countess helped support her family by taking a variety of jobs, including driving a taxi, running a sightseeing boat, and writing articles.  She also wrote her Memoirs and translated those of her husband.
23005 $1,800.00

Epic Answers; How to End Poverty in California by Upton Sinclair.  End Poverty Leage, Los Angeles. 1934
A 32 pp booked with paper wrap.  Based on Sinclair’s proposal that the state of California take over all of the idel factories and farmland, which would then be run as cooperatives in the theme of production for use, not production for profit.  An attempt to get the unemployed back to work.   Measures 5” x 8”.  Light fading on cover; otherwise fine.
23001 $60.00
San Francisco:  A Canterbury Tale with illustrations by Jo Moro, 1935
A three-fold promotional brochure for the Hotel Canterbury in San Francisco.  Illustrations by Jo Moro.  The front cover depicts a medieval maiden holding an open book and a rose.  It is titled San Francisco; A Canterbury Tale”.  When opened the first page reveals two pages of narrative the first related information on Canterbury, the second information on the Hotel Canterbury in San Francisco.   Further opens to reveal a double row mural titled “Ye Canterbury Pilgrimage”.  The back page depicts bellman “then” and “now”.   Measures 16” x 9” when open flat.  Condition: overall excellent.  
23001       $100.00

An Historical Record One Hand-out at a Time - New York City 1960s, ‘70s and early ‘80s.  The Archive of a Gentleman, who wouldn’t refuse a handout offered to him on his daily walk into work at 195 Broadway, near New York’s City Hall and the World Trade Center.
In his own words
“New York’s City Hall, in Lower Manhattan, was a magnet, attracting demonstrators representing causes of all stripes and colors.  They wanted the pols to know who they were and what was bothering them.  The ‘60s and ‘70s, even the early ‘80s gave rise to indignation, frustration, and occasionally small outbreaks of violence (e.g., the Hardhats).  I worked for AT&T at 195 Broadway at the corner of Fulton Street, just a short distance from city hall.  The World Trade Center was a “next-door neighbor”.   I don’t want to leave the impression that every day was filled with active protesters.  But there was enough action to satisfy anyone.  Noon was prime time, and most of the handbills I amassed were thrust at me while I was on lunch break, so to speak.  Of course, there was no posted schedule, so each day was a potential adventure.  Long before I knew what “ephemera” was, I decided that I would save these handouts simply as a historical recor of the times.  So what you see here runs the gamut.  It also was surprising to learn that many of these grops still are functioning.  Old causes don’t die; they just migrate to the Internet.”
The archive consists of 234 items assigned as follows:
• Animal Rights (22) – includes material on
o Icelandic Whaling and
o SINA – Society for Indecency of Naked Animals
• Anti-war(14) – includes but not limited to materials from
o the Paper Angels promoting peace,
o Register Now (draft) Die Later
o March on Washington
o Fair Media Coverage
o War in the Gulf (1965)
o Auschwitz Hanoi – Spirit of 1770s Dispute 1970s
o Draft resistance
o War tax resistance
o Women for Peach
o Iraqi People are not our enemies – Stop the War!
• Civil Liberties/Rights (18) - includes but not limited to materials either against or for
o Korea
o 13 years of Marcos
o Amnesty International
o Cuba
o El Salvador
o National Heritage Confederate
o Matt Clark Day (draft resister)
o U.S. vs God – Sylvia Kraus on anti-US communism
o Anti Norma Kamali Garments (factory workers)
o Coalition for Lesbian & Gay Civil Rights with condom attached
• Pleasure Industry (15) miscellaneous, many with images from photographs of partially clad people; one with two women and a man in a “swinging” hot tube.
• Political (24) - includes but not limited to materials from
o Petition to Remove John Lindsay (National Silent Majority)
o Fight Against Beame’s Cutbaks
o Elect Perry Duryea Govenor
o Bella Abzug
o Frank Barbaro for Mayor (from Dock to State Assembly)
o Mario Udall
• Racketeering claims (5) –  includes but not limited to materials agianst from
o Bronx landshark
o White Slavery traders, racketeering, kidnapping, etc.
• Labor and Unions (51) - includes but not limited to materials from
o U.S. Labor Party – New Solidarity News Bulletin
o Association for Help for Retarded People on Strike
o Legal Aid Underpaid
o Cesar Chavez “March for Justice”
o Manhattan Food Vendors Association
o Nixonized Unions
o DC37 – Songs for Solidarity
o AT&T union disputes
o Attack on Labor – Mayor Beame
o Who Pays for the Arms Race – Int’l Association of Machinists
o NYC Hospital Employees Local 420 paper hat
o District 65 U.A.W paper hats x two
o Labor Can Stop the War – AFL-CIO
• Miscellaneous (13) includes but not limited to materials from
o Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman – Sue Perlman Wants Mary Hartman to Repent!
o Today’s Poets at Battery Park – Colette Inez, Erica Jong, Philip Lopate, Terry Stokes
o Rent-a-Robot
o New York Alert – If You Haven’t Been Mugged Yet…
• Activism (53) - includes but not limited to materials from
o New Jersey schools pushing sex perversions
o Connecticut grape boycott
o American Property Rights Association
o Defenders of the American Constitution Inc.
o Social Labor Party votes
o Protest US Intervention in Central America
o Watch the KGB on NBC – New Solidarity Int’l Press Service
o Columbia University Nuclear Reactor – Why it Must be Stopped
o “an insane rambling”
o The Dictator is Just Around the Corner
o Stop/Repeal Income Tax – Restore Economic Freedom
o “Challenge” – the Revolutionary Newspaper
o War Tax Resistance
o The Youth International Party of Self Defense – NY Yippies’ future activities
o March for Jobs on Labor Day
o Gasoline Shortage is created by oil companies (particularly CONOCO)
o SANE – The Citizens Organization for a Sane World
o Peace, Education and Action – Nuclear Arms
o North Korea Spreads Hatred of America
o Deliver US from Taxation (tea bag attached)
o Silent Majority Rally
o Karen Silkwood – Feminist Union Anti-Nuclear Task Force
• Civil Rights (5) – includes materials on
o National Association for Puerto Rican Civil Rights
o Susan B. Anthony Day 1973
o Demand National Heroes be Recognized
o ERA is Dangerous to Women, Damning to Men and Devastating to Children – Phyllis Schafly
• Religious and Spiritual (14) - includes but not limited to materials from
o Jews for Jesus
o Sister Hope
o Prophecy – New York City will be Bombed – God’s Bomb Shelter
o International Meditation Society
o Transcendental Meditation
o Guru Maharaj Ji – 14 years old
o International Society of Krishna Consciousness
o Muslim Jewelry
o ‘Hear, O Israel’ newspaper

The more things change the more they stay the same…
22015 $1,100.

A social archive of Edith Smith, Queen of Ak-Sar-Ben from Omaha NE 1897-1902 with numerous watercolor place cards.
Memorabilia retained by Miss Edith Smith of Omaha NE.  Materials that were presumably once part of a scrapbook.  If this were presented as a scrap book, it would most likely be in these categories
• Ak-Sar-Ben Society, a fraternal organization established by Omaha business to provide alternative entertainment for families during the evenings of the Nebraska State Fair.  After visiting New Orleans to secure the use of floats previously used in the Mardi Gras festivities, the prominent business men of Omaha were convinced that starting an organization such as Rex, Comus or Proteus was the way to proceed. This evolved into elaborate electrical night parades.  The organizations current website indicates the Ball was organized to recognize individuals in the region for their civic endeavors.  Their current mission is “to leverage collective business leadership to build a more prosperous Heartland”.  Includes two (2) invitations to be Maid of Honor to the Queen.  Also photo from newspaper depicting Ms. Smith as Queen.  According to information obtained from the Omaha Public Library website “From 1895 to 1927 the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben had as their headquarters the Ak-Sar-Ben Den at 20th and Burdette. This picture, taken in 1910, shows that building's Ball Room. Until the Den burned down in 1927 it was in this room that the Knights held their annual Coronation Ball, wherein a new King and Queen Ak-Sar-Ben - monarchs for one year of the mythical "Kingdom of Quivira" - were crowned amidst much mock-medieval pageantry.”
• Social clippings, events she participated in
• Her Interests include John Ruskin and “The Midnight Hair”
• Her dinner Place Cards, mostly original art
o In her likeness (7)
o Her beaus (5)
o Cupids and fairies (5)
o Her friends (6)
o Roses (8)
o Golf (2)
o Misc.
20007 $300.  

Hand Penned Thoughts for the Year c1909

An endearing and thoughtful hand penned daily inspirational book.  Daily inspirations with passages from poems, notables such as Florence Nightingale, Beecher the social reformer and abolitionist, philosophers, Biblical passages and more.   Watercolor covers with polka-dot silk ribbon binding.  Measures 6” x 4 ¾”.

22023 $225.  

Tongue in Cheek Rebus – Prescriptions for Good Health, Howard Gannett, Publisher and Bookseller, Boston MA, 1888

A five page manuscript rebus with cut-out illustrations.  Written on the letterhead of Howard Gannett, Publisher and Bookseller, Boston.   It instructs the receiver on obtaining and retaining good health.  It also explains the consequences for nonconformity.  Last page “When this you see remember…”  Measures 5 ½” x 8 ½”.  Letter folds.

22022 $185.  

Twenty-one Letters Written by Elementary School Students to their Teacher, congratulating her on the birth of her Child, 1932

Well-wishing notes from students in a third or fourth grade elementary school class to their teacher.  Comments range from “I hope your husband is a good man” to “I hope your baby does not bite” to “I hope the baby grows up to be a good football player”.

22015 $100.  
Friendship Album belonging to Mary H. Burckhart, Lancaster Co. PA 1867 with Watercolor Calligraphy, Drawings and Embellishments

8vo. hard cover album with gilt blind stamp cover.  It is titled Memory’s Leaves with six (6) classic engravings throughout.  This album includes sixteen (16) hand penned sentiments, mostly in red, many with decorative embellishments.  Four of these include drawings.  The first page is a hand penned title page of decorated lettering with calligraphic flourishes.  The Dedication page has a stylized elaborately decorated bird with an olive branch in its beak.  Fine penmanship and decoration.  The third page is decorated with roses and the final autumn leaves and acorns.  As noted above most sentiments are penned in red, signed and dated.  Light to moderate cover wear; otherwise fine.

22022 $550.  
The Daily Courier, New England Edition, a Daily Newspaper Published by Children, Springfield MA 1894.

Approximately 40 pages of single sheet original, print or carbon copies of a daily newspaper written and published by three young boys.  The staff ranged from age 15 years for the editor to 12 years for the staff.  Begins with Vol. 1 No. 1 and ends with Vol. 1, No. 52.  A comprehensive overview of current events, popular trends and items of note as deemed by the editor and his staff.  General content includes
o news of the day,
o weather,
o gossip,
o geographic facts,
o Views from Wyndhurst (the editor’s home),
o feature stories e.g. “Kitten’s Named”,
o a Woman’s Column,
o humor,
o advertising,
o foreign affairs e.g. three articles on death of Kossuth
o lost and found (with rewards),
o scriptures,
o editorial notes “This is a strictly republican paper”
o scientific notes e.g. “the Velocity of Various Bodies”
and much more.  These enterprising young boys who would often advertise special exhibits from the World’s Fair that could be viewed in the Courier office for 1 cent.   The content became increasingly sophisticated, with improved writing skills from its beginnings on February 26 through the final edition on April 22 of the same year.  
22023 $500.  
Miniature Doll Mittens and Socks Finely Knit by a 12 year-old Blind Girl in 1826.
21005 $75.
Handcrafted Recipe Book in the Shape of a Bell with a Grosgrain Ribbon “Tested and Tried…”
What appears to be a much treasured 4 ½” x 5” hand penned recipe book with heavy card stock by Lillian Reynolds.  Recipes include Fruit Cake, Spice Cake, Silver & Gold Cake, Cream Pie, Strawberry Sponge, Bean Salad, and Fried Oyster Cakes. Predominantly ingredients with no mention of baking times and minimal instruction.  Separation at top of bell front cover.
50000 $90.  
Letter from (Mrs.) E. L. Norris, early settler of Garden City Kansas tells of Writer’s Family background and early days in Kansas and Colorado locales, 1892.
An 8 pp. October 12, 1892 letter from (Mrs.) E. L. Norris, early settler of Garden City, Kansas tells of writer’s family background (Humphreys family in America – see Ancestry of David Carlisle Humphreys and Recollections of the Humphreys Family.  Letter is to a niece, Emily, and notes by name, many family members (Lexington, VA, Louisville, KY, Baton Rouge, LA, Frankfort (KY?) etc.  Writer’s sons, Shepard and Homer were publishers of the Garden City Herald, from 1892 to 1929.  Beyond the detail of the Humphreys family back to Armagh, Ireland, there is excellent detail about the early days of Garden City and Kendall, Kansas and Grenada, Colorado.
6008 $65.  
An Ornately Decorated Momento featuring a pearl carried on the maiden voyage of the Hindenburg presumably created by Clara Adams, pioneer of commercial aviation. 1938.
A 5 ½” x 4 ½” sachet created from an envelope decorated with watercolor and pen and ink.  A pearl is embedded at center.  Bill Schneider was a high school and college friend. It reads
o Clara Adams – Cabin 19 Airship Hindenburg, May 8, 1938
o First flight from Germany in the United States
o Real pearl carried on this historic flight
o To my friend Bill Schneider Jr. with Kindest regards
Clara Adams was married to George L. Adams, president of the American Leather Tanning company.  He was 40 years her senior and died in 1929 when she was quite young, leaving her a very wealthy woman with the time and money to indulge her passion for air travel.  She began her long association with zeppelins in 1924.  In 1928, Adams purchased the first transatlantic air ticket ever sold to a female passenger and was on the first flight of the airship Graf Zeppelin in 1928.  She continued her passion for air travel and took an around the world flight in 1939.
22019 $150.
Child’s Interpretation of a Musical Program for Fourth of July 1873, Grand Musical Entertainment Utica Opera House, Original Art
A single-fold 5” x 8” pen and ink folder with numerous vignettes of miniature performers as musicians, and scenes from various musicals, the addition of cannons for the Fourth of July.  Three vignettes at base accompany verse “Music hath charms To sooth the savage, To rend a rock, or Split a Cabbage”.  (William Congreve).  The inside depicts to elongated caricatures displaying an oversized program.   Letterfolds
22023 $125.  
A Token of Friendship, “A cheerful little Scrap Book for dear Hattie” Scrap Album of Poetry and More with Corresponding Photographic Imagery,  c1910
An unpaginated album with Asian influence cloth covered board covers and applied bluetone image.  A card applied to the title page reads “Dear Hatty, This is a foolish little scrap book, but I loved to make it for you—What a nice time of year it is, isn’t it.  I love you, Irene”.  Includes poetry, whimsical quips, cartoons and more.   Measures 8” x 6 ½”.  
22023 $75.  
Personal Musings, Music and Verse. Clementine Balch, Johnson VT 1847
Approximately 40 pp. of manuscript verse, musings music and more.  They include To my Sister, Lines Written in a Lady’s Album, Parting Hymn, The Past and more.  Also includes music in verse to several songs including Ode to Science.  Measures 8” x 10”.  Cover lacking.  Toning throughout.
She married Dr. William Porter, a physician practicing in Walpole.  She was the mother of four children.  This writings were from her single days.
20128 $75.  
“The Wreath of Wild Flowers”  Editresses Miss Laura Scott, Miss Laura Stillman, Miss August Hyde and Miss Jennie Reandall.  Students at Cortland Academy, Cortland NY c 1870s
30 pp. manuscript verses edited by four young ladies, perhaps a senior project.   They appear to have been written by others.   Titles include  Where is Solitude,  The Schoolgirls Lamentation, Thoughts on Leaving School, Soliloquy of a Young Housekeeper,  Glory and Shame of American,  The Erring One and more.  Measures 8” x 10”.  
20128 $100.  
My Operation Coloring Book, An ADULT’S COLORING BOOK as a souvenir of your stay at the Hospital.  Original watercolor creation.  A. S. Van Eerde, 1940s
An 8 pp. pen and ink and watercolor coloring book for adults with attached paint palette  and brush at base.  The inside cover explains that for years children have had fun coloring and now it’s time for the Grown-ups.  Made as a souvenir for a hospitalization.    All quite charming and very tongue-in-cheek.   Measures 5” x 8”.  Minimal edge wear; overall excellent.
22021 $325.  
A collection of Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher, Miss Emily L. Goddard,  MA & NH, 1847-1853
A collection of thirteen (13) attestations or certifications for Emily Goddard who is qualified to teach a Common School.  There are documents from Barre, Wilbraham, New Salem, MA and Athol and Petersham NH.
8018 $150.  
Sallie and Sam – Naïve Handmade Paper Dolls
A pair of dear pencil drawn paper dolls in a small envelope labeled Sallie and Sam.  Sallie is 3” tall and has a face drawn on the front and back of the doll.  Note both sides appear as the front of a doll.  The other is a 2 ¼” single-sided little boy, Sam, with two shirts.  
22010 $110.  
An Indexed Handmade Book Mary Ann & Wardrobe and includes two (2) Handmade Paper Dolls and Numerous Outfits Organized by Type of Clothing 1930s.
Two (2) 3 ¼” paper dolls and numerous costumes.  All executed in pencil and watercolor.  The dolls are identical in size and share all of the clothing. There is a blond and a red head.  They are all housed in a 4 ½” x 6” handmade booklet with tabbed organizers for the different categories of clothing.  The categories are Party Dresses, Visiting Dresses, School Dresses, Evening Dresses, Sport Clothes, Play Clothes, Blouses, Skirts, Coats, Collars and Collar Dresses, Night Wear, Jackets and Underwear.  Delightful, naïve and creative.
22010 $250.
The Grand Pacific Hotel Dinner & Breakfast Menus, June 19, 1873
Two (2) 6” x 9 ½” menu sheets with engravings of exterior of the hotel at top.  One of the grand Chicago hotels of the day. Each with a comprehensive selection of courses and fare.   Of note is the section titled “Fried” on the breakfast menu that includes Pigs’ Feet, Salt Pork, Tripe, Hash Meat and Stewed Kidneys.  Comprehensive Wine List on reverse of Dinner menu. Prices not present.  Each menu includes Hours for Meals for Nurses and Children.  Reverse is blank. Condition: letter folds.  
22017 $160.  
School Girl Art - A Watercolor of a Young Woman Kneeling in Prayer, painted by a Harriet Meriah Curry, wife of Warrren D. 1835-1836 when a student in Mrs. Whittlesey’s Private School.  Utica NY.
A well executed slightly disproportionate image of a young girl kneeling in prayer. Inscription on reverse reads “Painted by mother when in Mrs. Whittleseys Private School probably in 1835 or 1836.”  A second note written in an older hand reads “Probably painted by Harriet Meriah Curry wife of Warren D. ones who started the Curry D. Rowley store.” Measures 8 ½” x 12”.  Two intact margin tears
22023 $550.  
Original Art Fourth of July – Magic Bag - Open the Bag and the Image Changes to Full Color
22024 $225.
Advertising Flyer The Services of An Efficient Saleswoman FOR NOTHING – A Cardboard Sales Woman Sells More Soap than any other Advertisement
A promotional flyer for a die-cut store display that will far outsell a sales person.  (All it takes is a woman in the sales force to get the job done… )
22017 $32.  
A Pair of Rebus Style Letters Written from and Aunt to Niece and Nephew, Ashburnham, Mass. 1922
Two single fold manuscript letters with whimsical verse and imagery to cheer up ailing young relatives.  Rebus like drawings
22023 $45.  
A 24 Page Woman’s Own Hand Penned Cross-stitch and Embroidery Design Patterns, 1880s
A well-used album of 24 pages of laid paper with printed gridlines on which the owner, presumably Marie Hart Korm created embroidery and cross stitch patterns of various shapes and sizes including alphabets, samplers, border designs comprised of leaves, flowers, decorative elements and more.  A true personal labor with numerous fine examples.  German.  Measures 6 ¼” x 7”.  Heavy wear, with some staining.
22022 $275.

Joseph Pennell. Fourty seven Fac-simile Drawings by American Artists. Philadelphia: American Artists' War Emergency Fund, National Arts Club, 1918.

A heavy stock folio with forty-seven 10" x 12" auto-lithographic prints. The introduction on the title page begins "This unique collection of drawings was contributed to the "American Artists' War Emergency Fund" by forty-seven American artists to be disposed of for the benefit of this fund. The Artists' Emergency Fund is one of the numerous war activities due to the initiative of the National Arts Club of New York, its object being to aid American Artist Soldiers or their dependents who, through causes connected with the war, may require assistance. : It continues to explain the printing process and how the limited edition is made available at five dolls a set. Reverse of title page includes a list of contributors and the name of the work. Some of the artists represented in this set include Hugo Ballin, Cecilia Beaux, Edwin Blashfield, Ernest Blumenshein, George De Forest Brush, Howard Russell Butler, Ercole Cartotto, Frederick S. Church, B.West Clinedinest, Colin Campbell Cooper, E. Irving Couse, Kenyon Cox, Charles C. Curran, Eliott Daingerfield, Paul Dougherty, [Ben Foster - lacking], Daniel Garber, Charles Dana Gibson, Philip Leslie Hale, Childe Hassam, Ernest Ipsen, Francis C. Jones, Hugh Bolton Jones, Arthur I. Keller, Paul King, Ella Conde Lamb, William H. Lippincott, Will H. Low, Clara Mac Chesney, F. Luis Mora, H. Siddons Mowbray, Ivan G. Olinsky, Violet Oakley, Maxfield Parrish, William Macgregor Paxton, Henry W. Parton, Joseph Pennell, Edward H. Potthast, William Ritschel, Henry B. Snell, Gardner Symons, C.Y. Turner, Douglas Volk, Henry O. Walker, Harry W. Watrous, J. Alden Weir and Irving R. Wiles. Also includes facsimile of notes on the work by Joseph Pennell. Complete set. The heavy stock folio with quarter cloth binding has an applied illustration of a woman. minor age toning on margins. Corner chip and wear on portfolio.

01111297 $1,750.  

Paul Puget. Amour d'Hiver Poeme d'Armand Silvestre. Paris: G. Hartmann, 1882.

37 pp. with one vocal score. Tastefully illustrated paper wraps. 2 OCLC. Measures 7 3/4" x 11 1/2". Overall excellent…

011111319 $150.  
W. G. Van Nouhuys. Egidius en de Vreemdeling Met Portret van den Schrijber en Illustraties. Haarlem: Erven F. Bohn, 1899.

46 pp., 8vo. printed on laid paper with original pictorial wrappers by Toorop. Frontispiece portrait of the author and two (2) half-tone plates. Jan Toorop, a Dutch Javonese painter whose work spanned the Symbolist and Art Nouveau. His early work was influenced by the Amsterdam Impressionism movement. minimal cover wear.

011111322 $350.  

Louis-Charles Royer. La Maitresse Noire. Paris: E.P.I.C., 1947. Limited ed No. 62 of 1975 copies on Velim RENAGE numbered from 26 to 2000.

222 pp. with glassine jacket and original slipcase. Pages uncut. Thirteen (13) full page illustrations, plus in-text illustrations throughout. Vibrant color with strong imagery. paperback.

011111325 $125.

Will Bradley. Strathmore Expressive Print Papers Are Part of the Picture. West Springfield, MA: Strathmore Paper Co., 1954.

A collection of 18 separate booklets and broadsheets designed and illustrated in colors by Will Bradley and printed on heavy Strathmore paper. Includes three additional pieces printed on Strathmore paper; one explaining the folio contents, all designed by Bradley. . Housed in a paper chemise with typographic decorations in light blue designed by Will Bradley. Introductory text printed on interior of the chemise. Measures 8 3/4" x11". Edge wear on chemise.

011111326 $200.  

Roger Gerlin. XXXVI Effusions Epistolaires d' Aurore a Luc et vice=versa. Paris: Rene Debresse, 1939.

76 pp., Uncut. Heavy Stock Wraps. Small black and white illustrations each page. Thirty six single page satirical writings. Each page captioned with hors du temps et de l'espace.(beyond time and space). Free end paper inscribed and autographed by the author. OCLC 2. Measures 9 3/4" x 12 3/4".

011111331 $450.

John Prosper Carmel. Blottentots and How to Make Them If you've never made a Blottentot This book will help you quite a lot! San Francisco: Paul Elder and Company, 1907.

33 pp. Illustrated boards. Charming book with an inkblot and rhyming verse on each page. Whimsical. Measures 6" x8 1/2". Cover wear; partial separation on flyleaf. Christmas sticker applied to inside cover.

011111332 $80.

Caran d'Ache( Emmanuel Poiré) & Luque. Peintres & Chevalets. Paris: Leo Vanier, 1880s.

32 pp. Paper wraps. Caran d'Ache was the pseudonym of the 19th century French satirist and political cartoonist Emmanuel Poiré (1858-1909). Famous for creating stories without words; perhaps the precursor to comic strips. This work features an alternate interpretation of history.

011111333 $175.  

Benjamin, Herbert. How to Organize and Conduct United Action for the right to live A manual for Hunger Fighters. 1933: Workers Library Publishers

23 pp. booklet with image from photograph on cover. "Issued by National Committee Unemployed Councils". Unemployment series no. 3.  Content includes Issues and Grievances Around Which Action Can and Must be Taken including minimum base rate of pay, medical care for unemployed workers and their families, etc. The following narrative reads "Much more attention must be given to developing struggles against the insufferable abuses and discrimination against the Negroes..." Measures 4 5/8"x 6". surface soiling and wear.

011111334 $55.  
Collection of 117 photographic images of a art work depicting a journey through life from birth to death, done by an unidentified Lithuanian artist. C1930s.  
An artfully selected grouping of black and white photographic images of works of art from a single unidentified artist.  Each is captioned in Lithuanian and depicting a life event.   It begins with the “First Cry” and travels through childhood into adulthood while depicting emotions, behaviors, vices and the life cycle as seasons of the year through death.  The final is in Latin “Life is Short”.   It is housed in a 17” x 14” finely tooled and stamped album reading Senaseskaunas on the cover, the old portion of the city of Kaunas.  Each of the images measures 4” x 6 “.   The collection should most likely include 118 images, as one image is lacking.
Some of the captions include First Cry, Mother’s Hand, Humility, Autumn Melancholy, Wind Heartbreak, Friendship, I Go to Ground, Memories, Childhood, Prostration, Distress, Melancholy, Maternal Memories, Morning Prayer, Gleam, Greed, Temptation,  Arriving to Finish, Slander, Fatigue, Resignation, Majesty's fragility, Goal. Wrath, Missing Youth, Native Land, Spring and Autumn, Autumn Nostalgia, Be a Balance, Blind Sun, Blind Elegy, Lament, Last Letter, Autumn Melodies, Unsent Messages,  Finally, Past, Fate, Cemetery Gate, Stop, Fate, Requiem, Despair, Death, Moonlight Requiem, Peace, Sadness and finally Live is short.
22021 $1,100.

Four (4) Programs from Cabaret Nachtlicht.  Ballgasse 6.  (Night Light Artist Cabaret) 1906-1907.  Vienna.
Four (4) unpaginated 4to. Caberet theatre programs for the Night Light Artist Cabaret, Ballgasse 6th.   Dates rand from November 1906 to May 1907.  Publisher J. Weiner, k.u.k. Hoflieferant, Wien. The illustrations are by Carl Hollitzer, who was also a performer.   Other performers included Marya Delvard, M. Henry,  Hannes Ruch,  Peter Altenberg,  Felix Dormann,  Dr. Egon Friedell, Ludwig Scharf, Hans Strick,  Heinz Lebrun and more.   Hollizter created caricature illustrations for each performer that accompanied each act along with associated verse.
Vienna’s cabaret history in the early 20th century is brief.  One opened in 1901 for a total of seven performances and closed.  There were no cabarets in Vienna until 1906 when three opened including the  Cabaret Nachtlicht that existed in Vienna from 1906 to 1907.   A single copy of one of the four programs is found in OCLC.  Cover wear.
22018-58 $3,000.
The Game of The Heiress and her Suitors, Published by S. and J. Fuller, at the Temple of Fancy, London.  1836.
Mounted on linen with box label on reverse.  Board only.  Measures 20” x 20”.  Surface wear.

A snippet in The Literary Gazette reads” The happy result of catching the heiress in the centre, depends upon lucky chance, as it generally does in life.  The players eight, or a smaller number, take their places as the figures on the tee-totem direct, and whether peer, soldier, sailor, parson doctor, layer, squire, or dandy, succeed, as the fates direct, and win the game.  We have seen a young party highly entertained with it, and can well recommend this toy-box with favour.”

55091 $320.
3 Handmade Watercolor Paper Dolls – Twins & their Cousin c1910
Three (3) approximately 3” paper dolls; the twins Bosealber and Bosella who are age 2 years 6 mos, each with two (2) costumes and hats and one set of boot leggings each and Carl Buel, who could be a cousin or other relative at age 2 years.  He has three outfits, a jacket and a hat.  Exceptionally well executed by a trained hand.  Appear to be from about 1900.   All in excellent condition.  
22020 $400.
A most imaginary interpretation of a Flag created by a Small Child, Springfield MA 1919

Accompanied by a letter from his father to his grandmother, this highly creative drawing is described as such by his father – “I don’t know just what country it represents but I guess probably it is the new German Republic that isn’t yet”.  The flag has a field of stars in the upper left corner this is followed by a series of grouped objects in various color.  Almost appears to have the symmetry of Kindergarten art. Measures 8 ½” x 11”.  
22023 $55.

An Exceptional Collection of Over 650 Works of Childhood Art by Florence Seville Berryman, a creative and talented child ca 1906-1915
We are pleased to offer this collection of artwork created by the creative mind and active imagination of child, beginning at what we believe was the age of six.  Her drawing were childlike, but with a style of their own drawings.  As you will see, to paraphrase the article by John Witek in Ephemera News, Winter 2011, she was an “artist, poet, diarist and inadvertent ephemera collector”.   The medium is generally graphite pencil and colored pencils and some water color. Any available paper was used and often times reused on the reverse
The daughter of C. K. Berryman, who while working for the Washington Post illustrated the incident in the life of Theodore Roosevelt when he refused to shoot the tethered bear.  This image was the impetus for the Teddy Bear.  A child of privilege and imagination.
As extracted from the Ephemera News article the works are generally as follows:
Genre Drawings. Florence’s drawings of everyday life show that she was a sharp observer of 15 manners able to depict social situations sensitively and objectively. Her drawings show people dining, dancing, playing instruments, attending parties, courting, arguing, traveling, bathing, preparing for bed, and other ordinary activities.
Narrative Sequences. Many drawings were designed to tell a story and are numbered consecutively.  “Eugenia perched on a bed” belongs to one of several continuity series.
Cutouts. “The Paper People” The artist created a world of cutouts in which people work, play, and socialize. Some of these pieces are elaborate and include two and three figures and large objects like pianos, tables, and chairs. There were more than 100 cutouts in the collection.
Fantasies. Nymphs, mermaids, fairies, and goblins as well as allegorical figures and improbable animals are represented in sequences and single drawings.
Portraits. The collection includes many portraits of friends and acquaintances. One of the earliest and strongest is possibly a self-portrait—a stark, frontal rendering of a solemn little girl with blocks, a ball…and a teddy bear.
Animals. Animals were favorite subjects and were often treated playfully. Her boxy little kittens, identical save for ribbons around their necks, are delightful.
Book illustrations. Florence illustrated stories from children‘s literature as well as stories of her own. Her drawings of scenes from the Little Colonel books by Annie Fellows Johnston are particularly interesting. “Eugenia perched on the bed” was inspired by the character Eugenia Forbes in The Little Colonel’s House Party published in 1901 and illustrated by Louis Meynell.

Both Berryman’s father and brother were Pulitzer Prize winners with long lists of accomplishments.  Florence went on to be an art critic.  She lived alone until throughout her life (1899-1992).  Florence Berryman's drawings were featured in the exhibition "We Are Not Alone" at the Museum Of Visionary Art in Baltimore, MD. A summary of her work appears in SELF TAUGHT, OUTSIDER AND FOLK ART by Betty-Carol Sellen.

Please read Ephemera News article for additional information on this collection.
22025 $15,000.
Bel-Air Bay, A Country Place by the Sea by Edward F. O’Day, 1927. Alphonzo E. Bell
A 30 pp hard cover book with seven (7) mounted illustrations.  Deckled pages.   A prospectus for a planned development on Santa Monica Bay includes poems by George Sterling, Robinson Jeffers and others.   Illustrations include maps the seashore, prospective homes and more.  Brightly colored imagery with illustrator identified.  Colophon: “Bel-Air Bay was privately printed for Alphonzo E. Bell in the month of March, 1927 by Young & McCallister of Los Angeles. Measures  9” x 12 ½”.  Slipcase lacking.   Offset from illustrations. Edge wear on covers.  
23001 $775.00
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