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Victorian Die-Cuts with Children on Swings. ..c. 1890s  The Cats Party, Dame Dingle's Series. McLoughlin.New York.1869 Twelve Drawings of the Animals of the Dixies Circus. . . c1920s
Original Art - Children are the World's Most Valuable Resource and its Best Hope for the Future  Anayltic Workbook including Textile Specimens, Philadelphia Textile School, Pennsylvania Museum & School of Industrial Arts by Adolphe Rusch, Jr. Pioneer in Lightweight Aviation  Fabrics. Anon. Manuscript Adaptation of The History of Little Fanny . C1810s
Most of our items are from the 19th Century and are ephemera, or other items on paper. Some categories we specialize in are childhood ephemera including paper dolls, children's books and game; social history, women's history, historical memorabilia including business correspondence, early recreational travel in America, menus, advertising, business and trade cards and catalogues; and Victoriana including valentines and other love tokens,We also have a large selection of early ephemera relating to the bookselling trade. Items are often selected for content, not just graphic appeal.