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Whitney - Watering Can, Flowers, Sunshine
McLoughlin - Watering Can, Flowers, Sunshine
ABC of Objects . McLoughlin Bros.New York.c. 1870s
This alphabet book does not settle with giving only one example for a letter, but several. 12 pages, including cover. Pictorial wrapper, with  publisher's advertisement on back cover. The leaves are printed on only one side, printed pages face each other. Each page has the same layout, there is one large rectangle, with two decorated, sequential letters and two corresponding words. The words gets a short line and the letter is illustrated in color to reflect it, the two lines rhyme. Two smaller squares are next to the rectangle, one per letter, in plain text. The smaller squares have three more words, each with a small color illustration to represent the object. "C, the Cock that crows at dawn, C, Clown. Cage. Clock. D, the Deer, upon the lawn. D, Dog. Duck. Dish." "O, the Owl that mopes all day; O, Orb. Oakapple. Oilcan P, the Parrot, pert and gay. P, Pin. Pig. Pink" Measures 7 1/2" x 7". .